Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Laughing through the pain

Okay, so maybe I was just delirious or laughing through the pain, but yesterday when I was blogging about the day of antics and failure, I was actually laughing, not really complaining! I read the sweet comments and appreciate everyone's hopefulness that today is a better day. I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows I wasn't complaining and woe-is-meing yesterday, but more sharing the antics that were causing me to laugh throughout the day.

Back in 2005 when we started our firm, Jennifer and I said that some days would make really good reality tv, and yesterday was one of those days (Jennifer used to find it funny that I would literally walk through the jail with my fingers pinching my nose because it stunk as she would embarrassingly say "Just breathe through your mouth!" and I would exclaim, "I can't unless I'm holding my nose!"...she thought that would make good tv too).

To answer a question that one of the readers posed about my adorable pup, Lola Marie, she is a miniature schnauzer. She is white, which is very unconventional for schnauzers. In case you haven't read the story of how Lola and I found each other, I'll retell it. For those of you who have heard it before, I'm sorry. I went to a local Trade Days where you can buy everything from rugs, planter boxes, plants, dogs, etc. I went for a planter box and just walked down the dog aisle to check it out. That is when I saw 3 little adorable white schnauzers in an aquarium... yes, an aquarium. I asked to hold Lola as my friend Jennifer exclaimed "Oh God! Don't hold her!". I left the trade days with only the planter and headed for Wal Mart. I went down the dog toy aisle, saw a cute little fuzzy stuffed lamb and said, "I have to buy this and then go back and buy that cute pup". And so I did.

Last month when I was at one of my many trips to the vet, I read "Dog Fancy" magazine because it was about schnauzers. It said, "Do not buy white, chocolate brown or any of the parti-colored schnauzers". The point was that they aren't suppose to be those colors and might be unhealthy due to the breading that caused them to be those colors. Oh well, too late now!

P.S. I don't have to hold my nose when I walk through the jail anymore. Yes, it still stinks, but after almost 5 years, I'm just used to it!


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Like I commented is so good that you have such a great sense of humor!

This is the reason I really enjoy reading what you post!
I love to laugh! And your day yesterday... sure was one of those "Murphy's Law" kinda days!

Blessings & Aloha!

Spotted-Bird said...

I had never heard your story about Lola. It is too cute. I know you love her enough to deal with all the health issues.


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