Saturday, August 22, 2009

Petit Fours

I love petit fours. They can be a little pricey, so I decided that I was going to learn to make them. Several years ago, I tore an article out of the newspaper with a recipe and instructions for petit fours. I bought the ingredients about a month ago and since I have so much that I need to do in preparation for school starting on Monday why not procrastinate and make petit fours.

First of all, I think this was a bad recipe. But what I really learned was that petit fours are worth every single darn penny the bakeries charge for them! I threw the whole batch of cake and icing into the trash and topped off that heap of mess with the darn recipe cut-out from the paper!

In other e-bay account was hacked. I don't shop e-bay often and the other day I was trying to purchase a product that has been discontinued and I deperately wanted. I couldn't remember my user id. I kept hitting the "I can't remember my user id" button and they kept saying they had e-mailed me my user id. I never got the e-mail. After a couple of goes at this, I just set up a new account. Tonight I got an e-mail saying that my new account has been restricted because it is linked to my old account which has been suspended for non-payment of fees.

I go online and discover that the fees are for listing items for sale, which of course I've never done. I also see that the e-mail address has been altered which explains why I never got any of the "your account is suspended" e-mails or the username e-mail. Soooooo, I've been on hold with e-bay forever. I'm having to speak with 3 departments to get it all straight. I think I've just finished with department 2!


laterg8r said...

What a pain in the behind - hopefully your ebay woes will resolve in your favour!

Love that you topped the mess with the article from the paper LOL :D


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