Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spontaneous Shopapalooza

We've had a busy week and not really any loafing around, so Jennifer and I took a little advantage of the fact that we didn't have any pressing issues to deal with this afternoon and headed out at lunch to "run a few errands".

We did run a few errands, but it really turned into a spontaneous shopapalooza!

I got some Christmas presents and upcoming Birthday presents for some little ones that I buy for. Then it was all about me.

I got a cute outfit at the Ann Taylor Outlet: a pair of dressy capri type slacks to wear with my new tall boots when fall finally arrives, or heels now, as well as a sweater set. It was all on sale and then a sales lady gave me another 15% off. I'm there a lot. Not always for me, but I drag my friends there as their personal shopper, so the long-term employees always hook me up with a deal!

At Old Navy I got a cute top for $10 and then at the Gap Outlet I got a pair of Jeans for $24, so you can't really pass up those deals.

Then I went to the Coach Outlet. I had a 20% off coupon that expired on Sunday and thought I'd just look around... Big Mistake or maybe Jackpot, depending on how you look at it!

This is the one absolutely frivolous thing that I bought, but HAD to have...
I mean, it looks just like Lola! I couldn't pass it up and I've had my Kate Spade "Big Hair" keyring for several years now.

Hey, it does look like me!
At coach, I also found this fabulous bag...
I bought it for my Mom to give me for my birthday. I usually do this. Buy my own presents that is. I normally call and run it by my Mom first, but she is in Colorado on vacation and out of cell phone range. They do have wi-fi though... Hey Mom, look what you bought me today!
I've wanted this purse for about a year and they happened to have it at the outlet store today. I tried to get my friend Abby to buy it a year ago, but I think the patent leather was a little too...what's the for her. Now she will probably see it and wish she had taken my advice :)

It's got lots of brass hardware on the sides and handle. So cute!
The best part is that this is the price tag...
and I got it today for $145! I may not be able to wait 2 months until my b-day and may have to pay my Mom back for it and just keep it!

Then I got Lola something at the outlet mall...

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the newest member of the Red Raider Cheerleading Squad...

Lola Marie!
Have. You. Ever. Seen. Anything. So. Cute. In. Your. Life?
(just agree with me here)
And Bloomers!
Of course they don't have a tail hole and Lola wasn't really keen on them, so they probably won't be worn much.
Ok, so this isn't really a puppy costume, it is for kids. But it didn't occur to me for a second to not buy it for Lola anyway. It was marked regular price $36 and I got it for $11.

Turns out, she is a perfect size 18 months! As Lisa said, this has now opened up a world of fashion opportunities for Lo!

Get Your Guns Up!


Abby said...

Oh my goodness I love that key ring. I love love it!

I love the lola is size 18 months. emery is just going to die when she see's lola in that outfit!! So cute!

I also love the purse. I loved it then. I never thought it was too progressive, I thought it was too expensive for 545.00. I do love it and I will wish I had it. Especially for that great price. I'm going to have to get you a credit card!!

Spotted-Bird said...

Oh my gosh!!! First the totally cute purse and then Lola in the cheerleading outfit. I am in HEAVEN. Can't wait to talk all about it at lunch.

Ann said...

I want to come shop with you sometime. You find the best stuff.

I love the key ring and the purse. Really cute.

I wish Lola was here with me for the evening. We are going to meet the Tech football team this evening. She would be perfect in her cheerleading outfit.

laterg8r said...

first off - that bag is FAB-U-LICIOUS!!!!

Lola, you are rocking it girl in that cheerleading outfit!

The key ring was a definite must-have item too :D

great shopping :D

The Cooper Family said...

Oh no no no! No you didn't! The cheerleader outfit....I am loving it!


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