Wednesday, August 12, 2009


First, I'm sitting in the final night of one of my two summer classes. My poor students are taking a test and I'm probably driving them nuts clicking away on the keyboard as I blog. One more night to go! YEA!

On my way to class I made a great purchase over the phone. I felt like a real power broker getting steals over the phone! Here's how I got to that point...

Jennifer e-mailed me a link to this table at Pier 1:

It is an antique mirror table that is a decent size and originally cost $149, BUT was on sale for $14.98. Nope, that isn't a type-o folks. It was 90% off. I called the store here in McKinney but they didn't have any. The girl on the phone was nice enough to give me the stores in the area that show to still have some. I called the first one down in Dallas because I thought it would be convenient since I have to go to Dallas on Friday for a continuing education class. They had one and it was broken. I decided I would just pass on it because I didn't really want to drive anywhere else and get it. Then I stewed on it.

Meanwhile, I'm envisioning what my dream bedroom looks like. You see I got a nice set of Thomasville bedroom furniture from my parents back in '97 when I graduated from college, but my taste has changed and it is no longer my dream furniture. Anyway, my dream consists of an upholstered headboard and mirrored bedside tables. Then I started thinking, how I don't do real well with saving up huge amounts of money at one time. It is more likely that I would piecemeal out my purchasing of my dream room pieces and if I already had 2 tables for crazy cheap, even if they weren't the end all be all, it would help get started on the vision quicker.

So as I drove to class, I dialed 411 on the fairy godmother (iphone in case you forgot that's what I call it) and asked for the Pier 1 in Lewisville. Turns out they had 3 left and I purchased two tables, originally totalling $300 for $32 including tax! They are now holding them for 10 days, so I will probably venture over there this weekend to pick up my deal. I hope I like them, but if not, they are returnable.


Abby said...

You know I love a bargain! I almost want to call that Louisville store just to buy one because it's 90% off!!

I can't wait to see your new room, I know it will be precious and I will want one just like it!!

Abby said...

You know I have not ventured to Twitter yet, so in response to your pbj comment. Bread is often sold too stale for PBJ (it goes best with super soft, only white bread!). Try a toasted Ham and Cheese instead!!

Ann said...

I love a good deal too. Can't wait to see the end result!

Want to come to the Hub City this weekend? You're welome to join us!

laterg8r said...

that is such an awesome deal - definitely worth a drive!!


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