Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Fight

Ladies and Gentlemen take your seats and turn your attention toward the ring. It is an epic battle 4 years in the making...The battle for lightweight champion of the backyard!

In one corner, we have Lola, the great white huntress. She is undefeated in her previous bouts with rats, mice, birds and an opossum. But this is the match-up she has longed for...
In the opposite corner, we have Mr. Squirrel. His fighting record is a little shaky, but we know he's been dodging this fight for quite some time and has even been known to taunt Lola.

Yes, that's right. We had the match of all match-ups today in my back yard.

Let me set the scene... I'm on the endless phone call with Time Warner Cable because I'm bundling services to save a few bucks. I go let Lola outside. A bit later, while still on the phone with Gayla, the TWC rep, I go to let Lola in. I see her with something. I think to myself, It's brown and fuzzy...oh what is that! Oh crap! Lola has a squirrel and it is still alive! So I say to Gayla, "You have to hold on, my dog has caught a squirrel!" and I go running outside. Lola lets it go and it starts belly crawling across the ground only using its front legs. Lola grabs it again. I say, "Lola, drop it!" and luckily she did, because I didn't want to have to explain a squirrel bite.

Anyway, I took Lola in and finished my call. By the time I made it back out, the squirrel had managed to crawl its way out of the yard to recover or die or whatever it was going to do. I was just so happy that it wasn't my job to figure out what was going to happen to him. Lola was thoroughly ticked off at me because she has been waiting for this day so long and I didn't let her finish him off and do whatever it was she planned for him. She sat by the door and cried in frustration.

Later this afternoon, I decided to leave the house early and head over to Lewisville for my tables before class. I timed it so that I would also have enough time to hit up the really nice Garden Ridge that is next door to that Pier 1.

First, I really like the tables. I wasn't sure until I got home, but I think they will be eventually work really nicely in my master plan (more on that to come in the future).

As I entered Garden Ridge, I was greeted by 7 1/2 foot tall trees in every color, white, green, red, pink, blue, and orange to name a few. I continued through the store and made my way to the 4 foot trees in all those same colors. I picked up a black one for a Halloween tree. You see I have a Halloween tree and have for years. This is a photo of about the 3rd or 4th generation of my Halloween tree:
Don't get me wrong, it is adorable and scary and I LOVE it. BUT, there are a few problems.

As I mentioned this is the 3rd or 4th generation. It is made from real mesquite branches (painted black) that my Dad cut for me. First, I think he has proclaimed that he is DONE with cutting mesquite branches for me. Second, I've kept this one for several years, but over time it gets brittle and partially broken. Third, it is a pain in the you know what to store (due to it's size, brittleness, etc.). Fourth, it is VERY topsy-turvy when set up which is very dangerous for my blown glass ornaments. Lastly, this particular version of the tree was cut the day my black schnauzer Macy died and was buried so it reminds me of that horrible day every year when I get it out.

So, each year, I look and look for a Halloween tree. They are either not right, sell out before I make up my mind or are too expensive. This year, I decided to bite the bullet early and purchase the 4 foot one. Don't get me wrong, I WANT that 7 1/2 foot tall one, and if I win Mega-Millions tomorrow night, I'm going back to the store for an exchange!

As I walk up to ring up and leave, the checker yells "Ding Ding Ding! I've got the first purchaser of a Christmas tree right here". I looked at her and said, "No, it is a Halloween tree." She says, "nope, it's a Christmas tree".

I pay out and as I start walking toward the door do you know what she did? She gets on her walkie talkie and announces to the store that "The First Christmas tree is walking out the door". People turn. They look. I mumble something like "It's not a Christmas tree, it's a Halloween tree!" and run out the door. I mean seriously, who celebrates Baby Jesus with a black tree!


Emilymud said...

Congrats to Lola! I am so happy for her. Our mom would be so proud of Lola she dislikes those little guys too.

Now don't worry Abby is running out to get her "Halloween Tree" tomorow. We are still laughing about the broadcast of the 1st tree leaving. Agreed who would buy a BLACK Christmas tree?

Ann said...

I agree- why would someone buy a black Christmas tree? But, why shouldn't you buy a Chirstmas tree now? I see nothing wrong with that. Wonder why they felt the need to announce- they are the ones that put them out this early?

Can't wait to see the Halloween tree. I might have to have one too. :)

laterg8r said...

what an obnoxious clerk! love that you have a halloween tree, never would have thought of that!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Lola...Champ-een light, light, light, light-weight of the World! (well, at least of her backyard domain.)

and sorry had to laugh at the announcing the tree as it's purchased and as it walks out the door! (Did you get a discount, at least? I was thinking, you know...being the first and all. :o)


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