Monday, August 10, 2009


One more lecture class to go! Yippeee! After tomorrow night, I will only have to show up, give finals, grade finals (I've gotten smart and they are graded with a scantron machine), tally semester grades, post them and I'm done. Then I can enjoy my whole week off!

Today I had the most horrible hearing ever. I wish it was on tape so that you could see it. That is really the only way you could ever grasp how horrible it was...but then I would also hate to subject you to all that ridiculousness!

I had a client that has an emergency protective order keeping him and his wife from living together. Wife didn't request the order, a police officer did, and it was causing financial strains on the family for husband to live in a hotel for 90 days. I filed a motion to modify the EPO and was originally told it would be heard October 10th. I threw a bit of a fit and said, you've got to be kidding me, the stupid thing won't be valid then. Finally, I talked them into giving me a hearing today.

The hearing was at a municipal court and it lasted for an hour and 15 minutes. The most ridiculous part was that we didn't really even HAVE a hearing. The judge didn't let me call witnesses, make a statement or anything. We basically just had to listen to him talk about this, that and everything. He spoke down to my client, his wife and to top it off to me. He basically said, "If I remove this order and you go kill your wife, then I lose my job. The only person who won't be affected is your attorney." He then said that basically what I was doing was maybe morally wrong. It was HORRIBLE! Then after all of that nonsense (which includes stories about his dad being an alcoholic, where he was when his dad died, what jobs he worked in college, where he went to college, where he went to law school, how long he's been married, his professional career path, that he has two daughters, they lived in two different apartments during school which he paid for, one is a nurse, one is a teacher, they are both living back at home because he wanted them to work for a year and get a nest egg before going out on their own, he plans to work 10 more years before retiring, he's from michigan, he used to do something involving cars, blah, blah, blah), the judge granted my order and removed the EPO.

It's only Monday. Tomorrow's project: finding a place for a 15 year old kid to live because his family isn't suitable. HELP ME LORD!!!!

On another note, you can now follow me on twitter. I know some people who think twitter is totally stupid, but I have enjoyed twitter for a few months now as strictly a follower. Now it is time to tweet so to speak! This will give you a more in depth view into the little thoughts that come into my crazy mind every day. So if you follow twitter, you can add me to your list, but if not, you can follow the latest 5 tweets over to the right of the blog posts.


laterg8r said...

i knew a bunch of blowhard judges too - makes you want to order the transcript and mail it to him with a sassy note ;)

Spotted-Bird said...

I think judges are crazy! The power must go to their head. James has crazy judge stories too.

Ann said...

Is that Judge in my county? Sounds just like one I know. I'm a boring civil attorney- I never have the problems you have. I don't know how you deal with it all!

Abby said...

He probably knew you would drug you to heck and back then gave you your way! Hopefully they don't kill each other!!

Yea that school is out. I have enjoyed your tweeting! I love the twitter bird by the way, he's so cute!

The Ffrench's said...

That judge should lose his job for a few other reasons then if your husband kills his wife !!!!


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