Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cookbook Updates

Okay, so more updates on the cookbook signings...

Bobby Deen posted this photo on Twitter this morning saying "A photo of me and my girl at an Angels game". So, Abby, I believe I have more problems than my bad feng shui.

As far as the upcoming Pioneer Woman signing... it seems like all my friends want to come in for it. It is December 1st, which is unfortunately a Tuesday. I hope everyone can come and we can have a big blog party! It will be so fun and such a circle of blog life friends who became real life friends, who all read Pioneer Woman's blog, going to meet Pioneer Woman in real life.

P.S. I'm all about getting these books on the cheap and bringing them to Border's for the signings. I bought the Deen cookbook at Sam's for $15 instead of paying the $25 Border's price. I have just pre-ordered Pioneer Woman from Amazon for $14 and change, plus there is no tax and if you spend $25 you get their free shipping.


Abby said...

I can't wait. I'm going to get my plane ticket...when should i get it for?

So fun!!

Grissell said...

You are so funny!! That is great idea, buy on the cheap is a great motto.


Ann said...

Let me know if we are serious about PW. If so, I'll mark the day off at work and find child care!

Spotted-Bird said...

Are we really doing this? Don't get my hopes up and then us not do this.


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