Friday, September 4, 2009

i chat

I love my iphone (aka: fairy godmother). What I don't love is when I type something and it thinks it is smarter than me and changes it to what it thinks I really mean. I also hate when it isn't smart enough to know that sometimes I mis-type and it needs to correct me!

The other night, I was texting my law partner, Jennifer, while my class was watching a movie.

Here are the texts that were going back and forth...

(My text is in italics, her's is the plain text, in parentheses is what we really meant)...

R u going to ct alone or do u want me to come too?

I can do it

U sure? I can go too if u bees me to (need not bees)

I font (don't not font)

I don't bees you to (this is what she meant to say!)

That is too funny. It's making me get a case of the giggles during John Adams!

Me too!


courtney said...

tee hee hee....that made me LOL!

laterg8r said...

love when a computer thinks it is smarter - love when people automatically click ok to spell check corrections too (i had a student who spelt heinous wrong and it was hysterical when spell check changed it to a much dirtier word LOL) :D


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