Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not your average Wednesday night Y'all!!!!

This cookbook has taken center stage at my house right now, which means it gets the coveted place in the cookbook holder on top of the sideboard in the breakfast area. Okay, so it isn't coveted by anyone really, but it is on display for all to see...
Why is this on display and what in the heck does this have to with my blog title of "Not your average Wednesday night Y'all!!!!"? Well, if you have been reading my Tweets you know, but if you haven't, then it is because SOMEBODY GOT TO MEET JAMIE AND BOBBY TONIGHT, SOMEBODY GOT TO MEET JAMIE AND BOBBY TONIGHT!!!! Yep! I'm that somebody!!!!

Suzanna and me in line...

(Sorry Suz, I know you hate this pic because you said it makes you look short, but I thought it was hilarious and had to post it!)
So while in line waiting (waiting for the signing to start because I was pretty close up the front), these older ladies behind us started talking to us. They decided that I needed to marry Bobby Deen. It was so funny listening to them and every reason that we needed to marry, right down to the fact that Bobby is sad Jamie got the dimples in the family. How does that fit into me marrying Bobby? Well, I have dimples and they were convinced that our children would too, so that could bring it around for Bobby. Hilarious!

Anyway, here is how the evening went:

I got a tweet from Bobby (not me personally, but I'm one of his followers) that they were in route. We started watching the door. Then they came through and everyone stood up from where we were sitting and the line became very giddy. Then they went to the back out of sight.

Then they came to the stage area. I was in the perfect line of sight for them. Jamie waved at me and smiled... yes it was at me, I was in his eye-line and we made eye contact.

Then I went to get some pics of the guys... the one below is the best I've got. Jamie saw me taking his pic and stopped and smiled but it startled me and I jerked so it is blurry. Darn it!

So it was our turn to go up. Suz wanted to go up with me because she didn't know what to say. As we walked up I handed my book to Bobby and he looked at the pre-printed card and said "Are you Kara?" then Jamie said "Hey dimples, how's it goin'?". That's right folks, I got a nickname from Jamie Deen. Top that on a Wednesday night!

Then I told Bobby that I was one of his friends on Twitter. He laughed and said "I thought it was you!". I told him he wasn't my friend yet and need to sign up. Then I told him my username so that he could. Suz thought that was hysterical.

Then I said, "Okay guys, I need your help. We are coming to Savannah next month for a girls trip and though we are visiting you at Lady and Sons, we need some other restaurant recommendations." I told them where I was thinking One they said was good. The other they said was "good, very high-end, very quite, great if you have a stick up your butt or into that kind of thing". Then they gave us the names of their favorite places. One is outside of town but "by where we live". Bobby said it's his favorite and he is there all the time when in town. PERFECTAMUNDO!!!!

Then we did this...

and this... and they said they were so happy we were coming to see them next month and they hoped to see us there... I'm sure we are the ones on the hoping end of that!!!

Here we are with our signed books...

Here is the inscription in my book...
Jamie drew the "Tweet" because we were talking Twitter.

All I can say is that these guys are so darn nice! If I liked them before tonight, then I love them after meeting them tonight!

P.S. Next book signing planned is for December 1st... Pioneer Woman!!!


courtney said...

I'm SO GLAD you got to go!

I definitely want to come to the PW one!

Abby said...

I want to come to the PW one too! I love the Deen Boys. I love their Mama too!! I am with the ladies that I totally want you to marry him. SO if you could please just get your Fung Shue (?) in order then you'd be ready when you go there!!

So are we planning a PW book signing event or what?

laterg8r said...

that is an awesome way to spend your night :D

Spotted-Bird said...

So cute. Y'all look good together!

I told James I wanted to go to Dallas for the PW signing. I am pretty sure he rolled his eyes at me, but I know how to get to Dallas without him.

Balisé Salon said...

Yum-O! Forget the cookbook... Bring him home for cooking class! Sounds like you had a fun evening.

Ann said...

So very cool. I love your spunk. I want to come to the PW signing too. Count me in!


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