Saturday, September 19, 2009

SATC Saturday: An 80's Flashback

For this week's installment of SATC Saturday, think Madonna, Preppy, Shoulder Pads and Walkmans. Yes, the girls are flashing back to the 80's!

Carrie is rocking Madonna's "Like a Virgin" look
and of course Charlotte is preppy, preppy, preppy...
Miranda with her power suit including the all important 80's shoulder pads
and a Sally Jesse Raphael haircut
Samantha, well, was apparently Samantha all the way back in the 80's
complete with her walkman
Word is mixed as to whether Jason Lewis will be making an appearance as Smith. I've heard that Sam will have a new guy in her life. Rumor is that the new guy will be played by former Mr. Croatia, Flip Kleva. Below are the only pics I could find of him on the internet. I say bring back Smith!!!
Then I just now found this photo. At the time this post was published I hadn't been able to locate a "clean copy". This is from Perez Hilton so it has his doodles drawn on it, but I concur...WHAT?!?!?
Bette Midler was on set one day last week and
it is rumored that she may be playing the role of... wait for it...

Carrie's Mom!
Finally, just the obligatory Mr. Big photo...
I heard that Chris Noth had gained some weight to play a role on Broadway and was concerned that he might be too big to play the role of Big. Do I have to call him John now that we know his name? It just doesn't seem right!

That's the update for this week...


laterg8r said...

TFS - love the 80's flashback!

Spotted-Bird said...

Thanks! I wouldn't keep up if it weren't for you. You are the best.

Abby said...

Ahh 80's fashions, be so very afraid. The Meranda shoes crack me up with her suit. It reminds me of Baby Boom with Diane Keaton or Secret of My Success with Michael J. Fox!!

I didn't even recognize!

I'm still so worried about the rumor of big cheating on Carrie...I will just cry if that happens!!


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