Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Schnauzers and New Shoes

This little mongrel has come to visit until Sunday evening...
so it's Schnauzerville around here.

Right now both Milly and Lola are outside because they are both driving me nuts...

Lola is having an allergy attack on her tail and of course Joe, our vet is out of town this week!

Milly is having one of her brain short circuits where she doesn't think she likes Lola or me, so she hides out in the back room! Nut!

Aside from the excitement of one too many schnauzers at my house (I kid, I kid. We love Milly until bedtime), I got a new pair of shoes!

I actually ordered them on Friday because I couldn't find them in my giant size anywhere, and the UPS delivery guy dropped them on my doorstep today.
I think they are just so cute! The best part was this...
See the $79.99 price tag? Well I had located them at DSW for $55, but couldn't find them in my size as I mentioned. DSW also didn't have my size online. I popped by a store in Allen at the outlets and they had them but not in my size. The ordered them and shipped them for free. You know how much I paid for them? $23 + tax! They had them in brown patent (it looked a little bronze) and I'm thinking now I should have ordered those too for that price.

Sorry about the craptastic photos, I used the fairy god mother (iphone) because I was too lazy to plug in the camera and download...

Oh lord, got to go! A firetruck just drove by with sirens a blazin' and little chicken Milly is scratching on the door to get inside!


Spotted-Bird said...

I love those shoes. I need some new bronze shoes. I wonder if they have my size?

laterg8r said...

cutie patootie shoes :D


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