Friday, September 25, 2009

Tales and Tails

Here is my shopping tale: I went to Half Price Books today to get a copy of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" so that I could read it again before going to Savannah next month. I have read it before, but it was like way back in 1997 or 1998. I've slept since then, so I need to re-read it.

Anyway, when I was walked into Half Price Books, they were having a clearance throughout the store. This sent me into a hysterical fit of laughter...

Don't see what struck my funny bone...

How about now?

Is Texas Hold 'Em a religion now?

See this cute little nubby tail?

It is costing me a lot per inch this week! So far we are up to like $165 and next week when some meds come in, we will probably tack on another $60 or so dollars to the deal.

Poor Lola's tail has been itching like crazy and she has been attempting to bite it like crazy. I'm sure she would love to have had a longer tail this week, as it would have been much easier for her to scratch that itch.

Since our favorite vet was out of town this week, I took her to the vet here in McKinney. I just demanded the same meds that our favorite vet gives us. There has been a little drama associated with getting the meds (which include me hating Walgreens), but I think little Lola is on the mend.



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