Monday, September 28, 2009

Thou Shall Not Tweet

Yes, look closely there... the 11th commandment, "Thou Shall Not Tweet"!

Just kidding, it's not really a commandment from God, but from the "God of Texas Tech Football"...

Mike Leach

You see, some of our players were on

and apparently some of them posted Tweets after the 1 point loss on Saturday night that Leach didn't care for, so he has outlawed the players from Tweeting on Twitter.

Tonight on WFAA, their infamous sports reporter Dale Hansen reported on this anti-twitter policy and said "maybe if Leach instituted a policy where Tech would kick field goals on 4th down when they are only up by 5 with 4 minutes to go in the 4th, they wouldn't lose by 1 point."  Preach it Dale!

I'm usually a Leach fan and normally love his gambles even if it means we turn it over after going for it on 4th down, BUT, I was very unhappy on Saturday night with the failure to kick the field goal!


courtney said...

such a terrible coaching decision....and still painful to think about!

Ann said...

Leach is not my favorite person right now. I couldn't believe they didn't kick the field goal. That game took at least two years off my life.

Spotted-Bird said...

I think there were many bad decisions over the course of the game. I heard Leach called a different play and Potts changed it at the line. Quarterback sneak is the worse play possible. Hopefully we get it together before next week.

Traci said...

That it too funny! One rule I have is that when we are watching football, I won't let anyone yell at the coach since my dad is one. But, I may have reconsidered on this one!


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