Friday, October 9, 2009

Canine Humor

I believe that I have found scientific proof that dogs have a sense of humor and can play practical jokes.

Okay, maybe it isn't scientific proof, but it is proof nonetheless!

Exhibit A:

Why else would Lola have put her stuffed mouse in my shoe?

On another note here is something else that shows someone has a sense of humor, though I'm not absolutely sure who...

Exhibit B:

They have Snuggies for dogs at Bed Bath & Beyond!

(I would like to note that I believe Lola is way cuter than the dog model on the package and I would have let her be their cover girl for free!)

If they had had a pink one, I totally would have bought us both one. That my friends would have been a funny sight this winter... imagine Lola and me vegging out on the couch watching tv on the weekends, keeping warm in our Snuggies with our hands and paws free!

Exhibit C:

Happy Friday Y'all!


Emilymud said...

That Lola...she is funny! Clear Miss. Lola's sched in late Nov for Winston bday party! She can start planning her jokes now.


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