Thursday, October 8, 2009

Legal Funnies

I haven't had a blog on Legal Funnies in a while, so here we go:

I receive a letter from the jail (from one of my clients). I have to say that it was very short and too the point which I greatly appreciate. Many clients fancy themselves to be pen pals with me and I don't have the time or the desire to read through all the nonsense. Anyway this letter said "Please help me get probation for all the stupid crap I've done". You got to love that it is direct and to the point!

Now this isn't really a legal funny as much as a professor story, but it deals with the legal system, so I'm going to share... I gave tests again and while reading one of the short answers about The Powers of the Texas Governor, here is a portion of the answer I see... "and the power to grant clemency (whoopity doo!)...".

Now for the Pièce de résistance...

This tale is a wee bit disturbing, but 100% true and 100% hilarious, so I'm going to share it. Jennifer has a client and while reading the police report, she sees noted that her client had a cell phone stuck up in her va-jay-jay. Yes! And do you know how the police knew that?

RRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGG! That's right, they heard it ringing!

People, I swear, you have to know I'm telling the truth because I could not make this stuff up!


laterg8r said...

people are crazy! the vajayjay- omg!!! :D

thanks for the giggle :D

Abby said...

Geez I hope it wasn't an i-phone...that would hurt!!

Emilymud said...

Well maybe she normally keeps it on vibrate! I guess she for got that day.

What is wrong with some people. How does that sound like an okay idea. What did she think...I am short pockets so I guess I will put it in here!


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