Sunday, October 11, 2009


The bedroom furniture set has been hauled off. Until I get around to painting, my bedroom is a bit of a mess. I bought a bed frame to put my bed on, and am using the table I bought at Pier One for a nightstand before I found the ones "to die for" to replace it. My dresser is currently consisting of various bags that represent a specific drawer sitting on the floor. Lola located the sock "drawer" right away and has been stringing socks all over the house.

It's funny because I have been thinking to myself, where have all my hair rubber bands gone. I even looked at Target the other day, but couldn't find ones that I wanted to buy. Then as I was cleaning out my nightstand drawer, I found this...

Mystery solved!

I purchased a mirror yesterday that I think I may use over the dresser. It is sitting on the floor and several times today I have discovered this...

Hey, I am cute!!!

Yes, Lola seems to have come to the realization that what I've been telling her for 4 years is true. She is a cute little bugger!



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