Saturday, October 3, 2009

SATC Saturday Update Time Again...

I've been such a blogging failure this week. No real excuses just partly too busy to blog and too busy doing nothin' exciting, so not much to blog about!

Just one small point to clarify before I get to the SATC Saturday post... you know the great medicine rip off of '09 I blogged about earlier this week? Well, it was a bigger attempted rip-off than I knew at the time because the Fabulous Vet only charges $53 a box instead of the McKinney Vet's price of $87 a box!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I have about a million things I want to do: Decorate for Halloween, watch my 30% full DVR from the week of t.v., go to the fair (but sadly it is suppose to rain!), go see "Bright Star", and then the list of boring cleaning, laundry, yada, yada, yada. We'll see how much gets done. I'll report back.

Now without further ado, SATC Saturday!

"You're the loves of her life and a guy's just lucky to come in fourth." ~Big

I have lots to report this week. Some new stuff, some corrections from past rumors...

  • I was wrong about Big driving an Aston Martin car. Just wishful fantasizing on my part I guess! It's only a Mercedes.
  • The Rumor about Big losing money, taking a job in London, cheating on Carrie...This my folks is apparently FALSE!!! Big does lose money in the stock market, but this is only mentioned, not in any way part of the plot. He also doesn't end up cheating on Carrie nor does she discover she is pregnant. Apparently there IS an interesting plot line involving Carrie, Big and kids, but it would spoil the plot line, so it hasn't been shared (nor would I want it to be).
  • There is a Rumor that Carrie and Big move in with Charlotte and Harry. Not true.
  • A lot of the plot does take place in the Middle East, but not because of Carrie or Big as reported, but because of a Samantha story line.
  • Miranda does leave her law firm, but not because she is sued for malpractice as reported (whew!). However, she does not open a restaurant with Steve as reported.
  • There is another vicious rumor out there about Harry cheating on Charlotte and her leaving him (what?!). Apparently she does suspect him of cheating, but I've read that "her fear of him cheating is secondary to her interest in the woman who she suspects he's fooling around with".
  • Yes, as I've reported, apparently Standford and Anthony do tie the knot AND none other than Ms. Liza Minelli performs. Apparently the script has Samantha say, "Why would Liza say yes to this?" and Big replies, "She had money with Bernie Madoff"." :) I've also heard that Liza will be performing Beyonce's "Single Ladies" (can't you just imagine it!).
  • Smith is going to be least he is listed under "Cast" on IMDB.
  • Despite photos, Sam doesn't get married.
  • I've heard that Aidan (John Corbett) will be back too, although I'm sceptical because he isn't listed under "Cast" on IMDB and it isn't on his IMDB page either.
  • Sadly, 'tis true that little skanky Miley Cyrus is going to be in the film. Sorry guys, I just don't like her. Do you think there is a chance that she might not talk at all? Being from the South and all I shouldn't be so prejudiced about accents, but I CANNOT stand her's. That girl needs some diction lessons in a bad, bad way!
Whew! That's about tapped me out for now. I've got nothin' else for you!

Until next week that is....


Abby said...

So glad that you cleared that up about Big...I might have quit watching the show if he had cheated on her...might have.

Also you know I would just spaz if poor Charolette was trampled on. Keep the updates coming!!

laterg8r said...

great update :D

Traci said...

Is it wrong that I think it sounds boring if they are going to be in the middle east?

"That little skank" - HA!!


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