Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sugar & Sand

On Wednesday afternoon, after the gorge at Lady & Sons, we hopped on a Tour Trolley and went around the city. We had a tour guide named "Hollywood" and he was quite entertaining. I took lots of photos, but I figure you guys are getting a little bored with this trip, so I'm moving on.

We went to Pearl's Saltwater Grille for dinner. I read this was really a local kind of place. It was out on the river and was about a 10-15 minute drive from downtown. The food was really good. After that, we went to "the happening place" in town called Rocks on the Roof. It was at the top of an ultra hip hotel that was located just next to our Hyatt. We had fun and froze! Here is a pic I took of the bridge from our table on the roof...

We decided to leave our much coveted spot at Rocks (seriously, you should have seen the line to get inside as we left). We headed across to a place called Moon River and had a cider. I love cider and haven't had any since a pub in London. It was as good as I remembered.

We stayed up late and thus slept in a little on Saturday morning. We went to breakfast at a place on River Street called Huey's. They had wonderful sounding dishes on their menu, but since it was more of a mid-morning meal, we opted for beignets. Good Lord, would you look at that sugar!

and as if that wasn't enough, well we added a side of praline sauce!

After all that, we rode our sugar high out to Tybee Island.

I convinced the girls to all take solo shots in the dunes. I told them their husbands would probably want one for their desk. They convinced me to have one too, I guess for Lola to put in her kennel!

This next shot is my camera sitting on top of three purses stacked on top of one another with the self timer set and me running to get into the photo. Not too shabby of a group shot, after a little editing of course!

After we walked along the beach and into the surf, we went through an art festival they were having on the pier. Then we drove back and made a quick stop at the Lighthouse. It was a quick stop because we were getting hungry again!

After a few photos of the lighthouse, we headed to The Crab Shack.

The Crab Shack Menu

The Crab Shack is known as the place where "The Elite Eat in Their Bare Feet" so....

Yummy shrimp salad sandwich and slaw...

and some boiled shrimp


After we left Tybee Island, we drove over to The Isle of Hope and a great plantation, but those pics really deserve their own post (and I'm not done editing), so more to come later.

If you are beyond bored with this trip, there will only be a couple of more posts, I promise! Check back this weekend for non-trip related blog postings.


courtney said...

this looks like a great girls' trip! the picture of you in the dunes was great--you should have taken a copy to Jamie! :)

i love that y'all left the "happening" bar to go have cider!

fyi, i'm not bored with these posts. just wishing i could have gone on a girls' trip!

Abby said...

Keep the pictures rolling, I love them!

Abby said...
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Kara said...

We aren't quite as boring as that post makes us seem. We did go to a pub for "hard" cider. Then I demanded we get backt to the hotel so I could watch Cory Booker on Conan...okay, so we are that boring

Scrappy Girl said...

I am loving this trip! And I can't wait to get some of those beignets!


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