Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Morning...

I woke up early to hit up Tuesday Morning for my bedside tables. I've been doing a little research for several days now because I just had to have these! Last week I went to TM in McKinney and said, I'm going to want two of those, when will you know how many you've got in stock. A nice lady told me to call on Monday. I decided that I would also call the store in Allen because it is smaller and off the beaten track.

So yesterday afternoon, I call McKinney. The guy tells me they have 6 of the nightstands. I ask, "Are you sure?". He says, yes, he is very sure. Fine. I call Allen, they only have one. I wake up this morning and plan to get to McKinney's TM at 7:30. I mean they do have 6 after all. If there had only been two then of course I would have been here at 7:00 (they open at 8:00 BTW).

I get there at 7:30 and there is only one car there and one lady standing outside the doors. She is talking to a lady who works there who is outside washing the windows. I realize they are talking about my furniture, so I say, "what are you here for?". Turns out she is there for 2 nightstands. I say me too. The lady who works there says "we only have two, so they are her's since she is here first". I go through the whole drama about how I called, etc.

Now, what you need to know is that I had decided to buy two, but really only have room for one right now due to the way my room is arranged. The plan was to get two, but to use one for a tv stand and that way in the future, if I rearranged and wanted two, then I would have it to match.

While looking in the window, I see that they have another piece that is a bit bigger (really bigger than I wanted for a nightstand, but it could work). I say, look, I need to go to Allen and try to get their nightstand. Can you hold the piece for me. No. Can I actually leave a credit card with you. No. Please!!!! Y'all helped put me in this predicament! No.

I hop in the car and try to race down to Allen. Ha! Race my a$$! I went the back roads because the main road was way too backed up, but it ended up putting me in Allen at 8:04. I race in and say, I want to buy the nightstand. Do you have it? Yes, the lady says, come and let's get the tag. As we walk back, there was a lady walking down one of the aisles and she says "Oh I want that nightstand". I say, I just claimed it. She says "well I was first in the store". I say but you didn't claim it immediately! The manager comes up and decides that the other lady gets it because she was first in the store. Apparently you get to lay claim to everything in the store if you are first in the door (please re-read this statement with the sarcasm that was meant for it).

They also have the bigger piece and the other lady so generously says "Well you can have that one". Geez thanks lady! Thanks for "giving" me the piece that neither of us wants!

I do decide to stake claim on that larger piece though. My thoughts at this point are that (1) it matches the nightstand, (2) it would make a great tv piece, (3) it would work as a nightstand if it had too, etc. The nice lady who originally told me I could have the nightstand feels bad and she starts calling other stores. Basically, there are about a zillion of me around the metroplex looking for this stupid nightstand and most stores only got one. We call the main store down in Dallas. They have 6, but won't let me purchase over the phone. I called Sherman and they had 1. I decide that most of those other folks are probably headed for the Dallas store with 6, so I will head to Sherman.

I take out like a bat out of hell only to get about 3 miles up the road and stuck in traffic on the South side of McKinney. I call Sherman again and they say "a lady just called from the McKinney store and she is on the way here for it". Knowing that she is free and clear from the traffic jam I'm stuck in, I admit defeat and just head to the courthouse to pass a case that was on the docket.

About 30 minutes later as I'm leaving the courthouse, I call Sherman TM again and say, Did the lady make it from McKinney and did she buy the nightstand? They go check and come back and say no, she bought the bigger piece (like I had bought in Allen). I hop in the car and race (and I do mean race) to Sherman where I was finally able to be united with my nightstand. I also got an awesome matching lamp.

It was a tight fit, but we got the nightstand in the back of my car. I got home and started unloading it and like to have never got it out. I was seriously thinking to myself Is it possible to get this thing in and not be able to get it out?

Whew! I now have a headache from all the drama.


courtney said...

good grief!! that's some furniture drama!

PLEASE post pics of this nightstand--i've got to see what all the racing around is for! :)

Traci said...

That IS drama!!

I am so mad that you lost out to those two women! You handled it with class!

You have to post pics!!

Abby said...

I love a crazy early morning sale. You did have far more class than I would have. Geez they would have heard all about it from me!! I'm so excited for you! I think I stood outside of a tuesday morning with a ninemonth old for an hour and a half over a certain red Kitchen Aid. So I feel your pain!


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