Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Lola is Thinking...

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm currently trying to execute "my vision" for my bedroom. One problemo... For some reason in the vision that is in my mind, the wall color isn't "coming through". So I went to get some paint swatches yesterday.

I am no dog whisperer, but I believe that I can interpret Lola's thoughts.

What is going on here?

Oh crap! My Mom is going to paint...again!

I wonder which of these crazy colors she is going to pick this time?

Oh, this makes me tired just thinking about it...

I always get in a fizz when I get a project in mind. I swear this time, I'm going slow. No seriously! I don't know how it could be any other way since I'm leaving next week for my trip. I am going to have to exercise some patience on this one.

On another subject, I took some additional photos of my outside decorations...

and the little witch (she used to stir her cauldron, but has been on strike the last couple of years and she doesn't stir anymore)...

Update: Ummm... I'm not sure if Lola has been running some secret Witch Union negotiations or what, but I just went outside to put the trash out for the pick-up tomorrow and guess who is stirring her cauldron and bobbing her head. She's such a Witch, I'm sure she won't keep it up 'til Halloween!


Emilymud said...

I love Lola...she is so stinking cute! I bet if you left out about 6 colors she could pick one for you.


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