Monday, November 30, 2009

$5 Steals!

I'm in a rush, but I wanted to alert you to the deal of the day... Go to Amazon and check out their magazine section. They have their top 10 best sellers for $5! That's $5 for a year subscription!

These include Southern Living, Real Simple, Cosmo, Sports Illustrated Kids, Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine, House Beautiful just to name a few.

Another deal I saw, but it was $10 whole dollars, is the full 52 issues of Entertainment Weekly.

The best part is that you can start a subscription for yourself, renew one of your subscriptions if you already take the magazine or gift it!

I don't know how long this deal will last, so get to shopping my friends! Magazines for everyone this Christmas!

P.S. I got Travel & Leisure (because I'm so worldly you know and have so much extra cash and leisure time!), and Real Simple for myself

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wanted: Paper Bag

Would someone please get me a paper bag. I think I am about to hyperventilate...

It is now Sunday (12:20 a.m.) and I haven't even started decorating the inside of my house. Where have these few days off gone? I wouldn't be in such a panic except Monday is my "busy" day at school and I have both morning and evening classes which means that I have to spend some time tomorrow preparing for those. Ugh!

On the bright side, I have managed to decorate the outside, finish Christmas shopping, wrap all my presents (including Christmas, 3 birthday gifts and 2 baby gifts), do several loads of laundry, straighten up the house, put up all the fall decorations, put the photos in all my Christmas cards, address all my Christmas cards, list a whole host of items for sale on Craigs List, give Lola three flea baths (don't even ask!), hang the curtain rod and curtains in my bedroom and finish getting my room all in order. So I haven't been lazy, I am just running out of time!

Tick-tock. Tick-tock! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

All Decorated

Just Kidding... the outside IS all decorated though. Usually this is the last part of the decorating that I tackle, but not this year. This year, the outside decorations got to come first. Maybe it is the nice weather we have been having. Maybe it is the threat of rain later in the weekend. Who knows, but it is DONE!

I've got some pictures for you, but first a little background. Many years ago, my Dad decided that he was going to be Clark Griswold. He lined the house with lights, had lights in the shrubs, lined the sidewalk with lights, and the driveway. Since the majority of you have never seen their house, let me tell you that their driveway and yard is enormous, so we are talking a lot of lights. From the highway, their driveway looked like an airport landing strip.
Anyway, then a couple of years ago Dad decided he was Ebenezer Scrooge. No more lights. Maybe it was the fact that my granddad had taken out a long strip of lights while backing out of the driveway on Christmas Day the year before. Maybe it was that Dad had been in rehab for a solid year recuperating from his oil field accident that left both arms and shoulders broken (that's a pretty good excuse really). Anyway, this new sense of Bah Humbug let my parents to drop off three large tubs of lights at my house sometime last January.

So I have some new lights in my holiday decoration mix this year. I like all white lights and think they are really pretty, but I like to mix things up a little bit. Do something a little unexpected. I like to do white and red lights. So I used their lights along with some new strings of red light and swapped out bulbs until I have this...

and this

"Is your house on fire, Clark?
No Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas lights."
~ National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

this darn wreath didn't light up, so it had to be stripped of lights and restrung

The front door with the porch light on...

and porch light off...

Christmas lights are the oddest things! I had bought some on sale last year, but only white. Wouldn't you know I would need some red too though. After it became clear that I was going to have to run to the store, I plugged in all the lights for the bushes and made sure they were all working. When I got home, I started to put them on the bushes and wouldn't you know two strings weren't working. Can anyone explain to me how these stinking lights stopped working during that hour? Hello? Anyone? I'm going with Christmas lights are possessed.

I haven't started the inside decorations with the exception of hanging my new Angel wreath. It is on the door to the garage. I haven't decided if the little ornament in the center should stay or go...

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After Turkey

I'll get to the day after, but first a couple of photos from Thanksgiving. I didn't do a good job of getting photos of people this year, so give me a giant FAIL on that one, but I got a couple of the pups.

We had about 15 people over to my Mom and Dad's for Fajitas on Wednesday night. I don't recall ever seeing Lola so tired in her whole darn life. This is her the day after (Thursday), still recuperating from all the action...

Milly had to get a bath on Thanksgiving morning because she seemed to be itching (they are in the middle of a huge flea outbreak up there in the country...the exterminator guy is going to have a grand Christmas at my parent's expense he has been out so much!). Anyway, fresh off her bath, little Milly (aka: Pig Pen), went and had a roll in the leaves...

I will say right off the top, that I'm not a huge Black Friday shopper. I like a good deal, but I hate crowds. Plus, I'm never really in the market for any of those big ticket items that are a great deal. I usually will go out and take advantage of a couple of deals, but I'm not setting my alarm! This morning, I went to Stein Mart because they had a $10 off $25 purchase coupon. I was able to get a throw for the bench in my bedroom and a stocking stuffer for my Mom. Then I hit up Belk and got another Door Buster deal for a Christmas present. After that, every store I hit up was a bust. Target and their cheap DVDs are not as cheap and not nearly as good of a selection as in the past. Boo Target!

I did hit up Hallmark for some Wood Wicks reed diffusers that after an $8 off coupon only cost me $2! I also got some replacement lights I needed at Hobby Lobby.

My goal for the rest of "The Day After Turkey" includes getting some (I dare say all, though hopefully) of my outside decorations done (I think it might rain later this weekend, so I'm saving inside for then) and trying to get some order back into the re-decorating zone (aka: my bedroom).

Hope you all had a great turkey day and are finding deal after deal today!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I started Christmas decorations last night. I tweeted this question, but I'll ask it again: is anyone out there able to mess with Christmas lights and not cuss at least once? I can't. I blew out 2 strands by plugging too many into each other. Not two at once mind you, but at different times. They were suppose to go in the same spot. I quit after that. I'll tackle it later. When I have more patience (or maybe alcohol)!

I am in Nocona now and Mom & Dad's is all decked out for Christmas too. Mom decorated early. I'm here alone watching General Hospital. I love watching my stories on HDTV! I so need it!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trying to Scare her Straight

Lola has been a bit of a naughty girl this afternoon. She was outside for a while, but got loads of mud on her paws and had to have a bath. Then I made her stay inside. Since then, she has barked at every gnat that has flown within a quarter mile of the house. The little devil is driving me up the wall.

Then I was flipping through the channels and saw the Wizard of Oz on. I stopped and tried to show her what can happen to bad little dogs. Scary old ladies come to take you away.

Then I started thinking about the Wizard of Oz. When I was little it was the flying monkeys that gave me nightmares, but really, the scary part is the mean old lady trying to take poor Toto away.

By the way, Lola watched for a minute. I'm not sure if she is scared straight, but her bark has given way to a growl. I think it is marginally less annoying.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Shopping

My Mom came to town yesterday and we took care of her Christmas shopping. I picked out my own presents as I always do, but one of my gifts that I'm very excited about will complete my bedroom Mom is getting my chair recovered for me! I'm very excited. I picked out a very pretty fabric and Mom hauled my chair to Nocona to take to the upholsterer. I can't wait to see it. It will really complete the whole look (of course so would curtains, but as I've said that is a story for a completely different post!).

I didn't do that much shopping because I've done most of my Christmas shopping, but I did buy something for my adorable little pup.

I bought her a new sweater at Dillards. I saw it and couldn't resist. It is black with red trim and has these little ball things that are all over it. She isn't loving it, but as soon as the temps drop, she will.

P.S. Dear Blogger, All I want from you for Christmas is to put spell check on your updated editor. I've been a very good girl this year, but this having to go back and forth between editors for each post makes me want to do very bad things to you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Sneak Peak!

I was out running errands (I promise that I do work...sometimes, I just really have a case of the Holidays right now!). Anyway, I was gone from the house for a couple of hours and when I pulled into the driveway, I looked up to the front door and said "What the Heck?". There was a very large box sitting there. Yep, you guessed it. My headboard! I wasn't expecting it this soon since on Tuesday they said 2-3 weeks. They were also suppose to call and schedule a delivery time, but they just dumped it on my doorstep.

I also found a bench today. I was contemplating ordering a custom bench from Ballard, but the cost and wait were deterring me. Then I found one that looks almost exactly like what I wanted for a couple of hundred cheaper!

You want a sneak peak? Okay, here you go...

Someone is already enjoying the set-up!

New nightstand and lamp moved in today from the garage too

Disregard everything to the left of the bed. It is still a mess because I haven't hung the new curtain rod & curtains (a fiasco that I don't even want to go into right now!)

The bench...the photo is a little blurry, but you get the drift

The bedding isn't new. I fell in love with it while shopping at ABC Carpet and Home in New York City. I have had it for almost 5 years now, but I love it (and it was expensive), so I wasn't wanting to change it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Lola had a grooming appointment today. We have been using the same groomer for a couple of years now. Pet Pazazz, doesn't that sound peppy? The owner, Kathy, is Lola's actual groomer. In addition to being really nice, she has always seemed to care about Lola. If Lola had been sick, she would get her done pronto, so she didn't get too tired.

Anyway, it has been a while since Lola's last grooming, so today she had an appointment. When I walked in, it looked the same, but something was different. One thing that was different was that Kathy wasn't at the front desk. I started looking around and noticed that Kathy's adorable puppy wasn't there and some of her photos were gone too. So I asked the lady who came to get Lola from me if they were under new management and she said that Kathy had died 3 weeks ago and they had just re-opened! I would estimate that Kathy was only in her 50's!

I of course was super sad for Kathy and her family, but also for Lola. She was so used to Kathy and she always did such a good job. Ladies, you all know how hard it is to find a good person for your hair! Well, Lola is experiencing the pains of a new hair person...

She actually looks pretty disgusted doesn't she?

They cut the hair on her legs and skirt super-duper short. I hate it when they clip the hair on her paws so short that you can see her toes. Oh well, it is just hair and will grow back.

I am concerned because Lola had been drooling when I picked her up and her beard was soaking wet. The guy asked if she does that a lot and I told him No, only when she is nervous. Which is true. I'm a little unhappy that she was anxious about something going on there, but I guess I'll give them another shot.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Good Day!

I received an e-mail this morning from Ballard Designs saying that my headboard was finished being made and had been shipped! I was very excited because it wasn't suppose to ship until December 3rd. It is a bit of delayed gratification however, because they claim it takes 2-3 weeks for shipping. I guess they are driving it from the most southern point in South America or somewhere equally far. Anyway, because that has shipped a little bit earlier than expected, I am so glad that I spent 6 hours on Sunday finishing the paint job on my room.

I know I said I wasn't going to share until all was done, but I'm just pleased as punch about the outcome and I need to share. I shared with a couple of friends and that didn't cure the itch, so now I'm publishing to all of blogworld. For a little explanation, I painted my room a color called mayonnaise. Disgusting right? I like to think that it looks like a vanilla milkshake. I had mentioned that it was controversial, and I still think it is. Why on earth would I basically paint my bedroom white? Well, here is my thought process. Most of the furniture is very dark, as are the new curtains (that I still need to hang). I looked through several interior design websites and what always stood out to me was a very clean wall, void of color and the color coming from elsewhere in the room. So I decided to try it, well mostly, which is where this project comes in.

As you know I finished my painting of the room (really 3 rounds of painting) back on Halloween. Then Sunday I did this to the wall that is behind my bed (the photos are kind of bad because it was dark when I finished. It looks a little pearlized, but it isn't, it's just paint on paint)

I did all of this with one little stencil. As I mentioned it took forever, but at least I feel like it was worth the 6 hours I put into it. Though I didn't notice at the time, I was essentially doing squats for 6 hours straight. Considering the only squats I normally do is to pick up the paper shredding mess that Lola has created, my legs are so very, very sore!

Aside from the good news about my headboard being ready early, I was FINALLY able to locate my desired calendar for 2010. Jennifer and I have had the same ones for years now. I usually get them at TJ Maxx, but this year, I've had no luck locating them. We've looked everywhere else for a calendar that we like and had no luck either. Finally today, I popped in Marshalls and found it!

Truth is, this makes me happier than knowing that my headboard has shipped!

I had lunch today with my friend Suzanna and her two kiddo's Kate (1 yr) and Bennett (3 yrs). They are both cute as can be and I totally should have taken a photo of them for this posting, but folks Bennett cracks me up! He kept telling me that I had biscuits in my hair all during lunch. I mean in his defense there could be quite a few things hidden in my curly mess of hair, but I'm pretty sure there weren't biscuits in there! He is also always very concerned about Lola and what she is doing. He has recently declared Lola to be his best friend, but I'm not sure Lola reciprocates his feelings!

Finally today I got to fulfill some of my unfulfilled desires to be a party planner and print up the invitations for little Joshua's upcoming birthday party. I think they turned out to be just adorable, so I'm sharing even though he isn't my kid!

I blocked out the address so none of you guys could crash our wild and crazy bash! I can't take credit for the cute saying. My friend Abby is doing a farm theme for her little boy's 2nd party and she found this cute little language.

We have been doing some other cute things for the party. Yesterday we got some red and white gingham fabric to drape over the table and then some dark blue bandannas to lay diagonal across. I think it will be really cute. I keep trying to talk Lola into wearing a pig costume and being our petting zoo, but so far, she doesn't seem too keen on the idea!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cause of the Week

I'm not wholly changing my Cause of Week, but I'm adding to it really.

This week, I'm combining a cause and one of my favorite artists. Ryan Star was on "Rock Star", one of those talent type TV competitions, a few years ago. Anyway, I've been crushing on him ever since! I love his music and in fact listen to him almost every single night while I'm in the bath and getting ready for bed.

His last single is "Breathe" and he took up the unemployment cause in his music video. Unemployment is of course tied to the Hunger issues that I have already highlighted. Check out Ryan's new video...

Click Here to get more information about the people you saw in the video.

In other news, ...

Oh My Gosh Y'all! I spend all stinking day today working on Christmas card issues...finding a card, working on the photo for the card, the newsletter, etc. The photo issue really dogged me for a while. I'm not doing one photo, but a collage of photos. It got to the point that I would send a photo up to Walgreens on the corner, and the nice lady there would call and let me know if it was right or not! I'm not kidding!

Anyway, that whole mess is mostly done and now I'm about to relax (oh Lord hopefully) and enjoy the Tech game (again, hopefully). Of course there is a fair chance that there will be nothing relaxing or enjoyable about it...that is about how our whole season has gone!

Hopefully tomorrow I can be more productive and get more done. If you guys could see my half assed bedroom remodel you would know that I should be whipped for sitting at the computer all day with my friends Photoshop and Printshop!

SATC Saturday Sabbatical

I'm taking a SATC Saturday Sabbatical. The reason for this sabbatical is multi-fold. First, there really isn't a whole lot of interesting SATC scoop leaking on a weekly basis. Second, I have a zillion other things to do today like work on Christmas cards (it is mid-November and I have no idea what I'm doing which causes me to break out into a cold sweat), clean my nasty house, work on finishing my bedroom project so that everything will be complete when my headboard arrives next month, grade papers and tests, work on some stuff for a couple of judicial campaigns I've gotten myself wrapped into, pet a cute little white dog, etc.

Hopefully I will get a few things on my "To-Do " list accomplished this weekend and I hope that you do too!

Go Tech! Beat those OSU Cowboys!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What the Heck?

Today has been full of "What the Heck?" moments for me. I'll list them out for you...

  • I got an e-mail from the head of government at one of the campuses for the College that I teach at. He wants me to send him a copy of my syllabi and writing assignments because he has decided they are good and he wants to copy them. What the heck? I mean he is a real teacher, why is he copying off of me?

  • I got to class tonight and there was a Whataburger sack on my podium. After quizzing my class this student in the back said it was mine. Apparently the last time this student was having his full on Whataburger meal during class and causing a disruption, I commented that he should bring enough for the whole class the next time (read into that comment...maybe you shouldn't bring a whole meal to class!). Anyway, he brought me a burger. What the heck? What am I suppose to do? Eat it up at the podium? Uh, no. I can't walk over and trash it because then I'm a super bitch. I had to wait until break and the student was nowhere in sight so that I could go trash it out in the hall so that it would stop stinking up my classroom! Luckily, said student went out and smoked in his car during the break, so when he came back, he managed to stink up the class with the cigarette smell and cover the Whataburger smell!

  • I went to the 'Neath the Wreath holiday market and made it through the market in 30 minutes or less and didn't purchase one thing. What the Heck? Has the market gone to crap or was I off my shopping mojo today? I'm blaming it on the fact that most everything is stuff that I see at Canton (for cheaper).

  • I went to Target to replenish my supply of Mucinex D (no, I'm still not "well"). I discovered that there is a new super-duper Mucinex D that is double the strength of both drugs. What the heck? Why didn't I discover this last week? Why didn't Walgreens have it when I was there doing my first round of replenishing the Mucinex?


As I mentioned over on the right hand column "On my Nightstand", I have been reading Andre Agassi's Autobiography Open. It was released on Tuesday. I had done my new favorite thing in the world and pre-ordered on Amazon, so it was delivered to my doorstep on Tuesday afternoon. In anticipation of the release, I had not started reading another book after I finished my last, but had just been re-reading through some Jane Austen to tide me over. So, I started reading "Open" immediately of course.

I forced myself to finally put it down at about 11:30 on Tuesday night because I knew that my 5:45 alarm clock was going to come early the next morning. Then yesterday afternoon (still feeling a bit poorly), I wanted to curl up on the couch and read, but I had a hair appointment that I had already postponed due to being sick. Last night I hit up the outlet for a little Christmas shopping and then about 8:00 it was on. I read until I finished at about 1:00 a.m. I planned to stop, but then was only 100 pages away, then 50, then 30, and then it was 1:00 a.m.!

I loved it. As perhaps the biggest Agassi fan in the world for the past 20+ years, I found it fascinating, exhilarating, heartbreaking and so many other things I haven't been able to put words to yet. Right now Andre is only slated for book signings on the east and west coast. I wish I had the time and money because I would fly there; however, I seem to be short on both of those commodities right now, so I'm going to hope that he ads a Dallas stop to his tour. If he does, I will be soliciting someone to go with me, because honestly, he is the one celeb/athlete that I'm not sure I could hold it together to meet. I think it would be Elvis and the Beatles all wrapped up into one for me and I cannot promise that I wouldn't cry and/or faint!

In other news, our local Junior League's Holiday market starts today. Since I'm an old retired sustainer who does basically nothing anymore at the League, I will be sure and make my contribution by going to shop today. This is the first year that we opened the doors to the public on Thursday, so I'm excited about that. If you are in the area, stop on by. This should be a great place to finish (or start...geez that thought makes my heart race!) your Christmas shopping!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Better

These guys have been my best friends since last Wednesday

I've been sick since then. It started with Allergies and progressed to Bronchitis. As many will point out, I haven't been to a doctor, so this is just my diagnosis. To that I say two things (1) One, I am a doctor. So what if it is in jurisprudence and not medicine. We lawyers are the only people who have a doctorate and don't get to be called "Dr". and (2) I have had both of these conditions so many times, I don't need a doctor to diagnose me.

If the congestion, ear ache, sore throat, lost voice, and coughing weren't enough signs to point toward being really sick, then the fact that I've had no appetite is. I am always hungry, but yesterday I only had lunch, and even then it wasn't because I was hungry, but was just figuring that I needed to eat something at some point in the day.

But I think I'm finally getting back on track. I would say getting back to the land of the living, but with the exception of this weekend, I have had to continue on going to court and class. My students are about on DVD overload right now since I haven't had a voice to lecture, but hopefully, I will be back to boring them to sleep in no time now.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

SATC Saturday Resumes

This was suppose to publish this morning.  Who knows why it didn't!

After the absence last week due to painting, I am back reporting the latest on the SATC Movie.

The girls are in Morocco filiming and here are a few shots...

Also those rumors about Bette Midler playing the role of Carrie's Mom are not true.  Apparently Bette's daughter is a PA on the film and she was there supporting her daughter.

Patricia Field let it slip that all the 80's Flashback looks are in fact that. Carrie is waiting on the girls to meet her and while waiting, has a flashback to the 80's and how the girls met.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Breaking News!!!!

Okay, so everyone may not agree with me here, but I think what I'm about to share is Breaking News. I'm frankly amazed that Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric hasn't broken into regular scheduled programming to alert us all to this Breaking News, which leads me to believe that many people may not find it as horrifying as I do.

Are you sitting down?


There is a pumpkin shortage! A pumpkin shortage at Thanksgiving! Seriously!

I went to Super Target to purchase this...

I was contemplating making Paula Deen's pumpkin cake. You see, this time of the year I'm all about anything pumpkin... pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin milkshakes, pumpkin smelling hand soap, pumpkin candles... I think you get the picture.

Anyway, I was going to make a pumpkin cake and needed 15 oz. of canned pumpkin. I found nothing but an empty shelf and a note saying that due to bad weather and growing conditions this year, there was going to be shortage of pumpkin through the holidays. Which brings me back to the question, Isn't a shortage of pumpkin and thus no Pumpkin Pie a national crisis? I bet if they had ran out of hot dogs at the World Series we would have been hearing about it.

I made a stop by Albertsons and bought the last cans on the shelf. I wish they had had more. I was contemplating buying it all and putting it up for sale on E-bay. I bet I could have paid for Christmas!

So, since Charlie and Katie are dropping the ball on this one, I wanted to let you know about the shortage and that you should start looking for your canned pumpkin right now. If they are already running out at stores can you imagine the situation as we get closer to Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nothing Overly Exciting

I've got nothing exciting to report, but feel like I should blog, so here are the things that come to mind in list form:

(1) I've been having my annual Fall allergy attack. It started with my throat feeling like it was on fire for two days. Then last night I took some of my miracle drug "Mucinex D" which at some point really dried up all the drainage that was causing my throat to hurt, but left me waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I had just trekked across the Sahara Desert. Anyway, my throat feels better, but I'm more hoarse than previous days and I'm a snot factory (TMI I'm sure).

(2) I am in LOVE with Amazon pre-order. I'm sure everyone knows about this. I'm not a huge online shopper, so I'm probably getting on board late here, but if you don't know about it, here is the scoop. If you place a pre-order (for books that haven't released yet), it locks it in at the price you "purchase" at, but if at any point it gets cheaper between when you "purchase" and it actually is released and mailed to you, they give you the cheaper price. I did this with Pioneer Woman's cookbook and ended up getting it for $13 plus change. Then I purchased a kiddie book that released this week and it was reduced also. I'm hopeful that my "Andre Agassi Open" gets cheaper before it is mailed out to me next week. But I am loving this price protection guarantee.

(3) I hit up Gap Outlet today and got 7 items for $72. Now I got a couple of pieces for $2.50 each, but it helped average out some of my more expensive pieces. I've been wanting something with ruffles and something in gray (since gray is the new black for the season... BTW, I still like the old black), so I've killed two birds with one stone in this little ensemble:

(4) I moved my new dresser and tv stand into my bedroom now. I'm liking my paint choice with the dark furniture up against the wall. I still need to hang my new curtain rod and curtains, but I'm kind of tired, so that is a task for tomorrow. There is more painting to do this weekend, so I'm hopeful that goes smoothly. That project is a real crap-shoot, so I have my fingers crossed.

(5) Target put their Halloween stuff on 75% off yesterday. I was in there at 8:00 when they opened for my curtains, but saw people in a 75% off frenzy, so I joined in too. I got Lola's Halloween costume for next year for $2.50. I also got some napkins and books & play-do for the kiddos that get special treats from me.

(6) I purchased tickets today for me and my friend Suzanna to go see Bon Jovi in April! I'm so super excited! I have always loved Bon Jovi. I had always dreamed of going to see them live...since like 3rd grade. Finally, back in probably 2003 (I'm guessing here), I got to go see Bon Jovi. It was one of the most fun times I have ever had in my life. I screamed so much that I totally lost my voice. I remember having troubles as we were all getting back into the car because we were half deaf from the noise and none of us could yell because we were hoarse. It was awesome though. Then a few years later, I went to see them again. Their last go around, I was unable to get tickets, but not today. I got us pretty good tickets and I cannot wait!

(7) Today, with an internet purchase from Rue La La, I think I reached the 75% mark of having my Christmas shopping done. Another thing I want to mention is that I'm sick and tired of stores who have Christmas stuff for sale commenting when you buy it. "You're already buying Christmas!" they like to say. Don't put it out if you don't want people to be buying it yet! Yes, I'm an early bird. So what!?!

(8) After taking your suggestions on the stool for my bathroom, I decided to paint it white for now and then try and figure out how to make it look similar to the one from Ballard. I agree with the suggestions of painting it a color, but the fabric I've found that I like is light in background and I was afraid that a color might show through. So for now it is white, which is a whole heck of a lot better than the army gold/green. Have a look:

As I said, none of this is overly exciting, but it seems I had lots of mundane things to report today.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Kicks

I went shopping today. I found lots of great deals everywhere I went, but the one purchase that I'm most excited about came from Coach. I went to the Coach outlet because (1) I haven't been in a while to survey their inventory and (2) my wonderful friend Abby forwarded me her 20% off coupon she received via e-mail (try as I might to sign up to receive those e-mails, I never receive them). What did I get?

Here's a hint...

looks like a show box

definitely a shoe box

cute little tennis shoes?

yes! cute little tennis shoes!

I actually had looked at them several months ago when they were like $100. Guess how much I paid for them today? No. Lower. No. Lower.


Got Food?

I just updated my "List of the Week" to highlight a new cause that needs lots of help this year.  Check it out!

Help Me Decide (Updated)

Updated:  If you haven't read this yet, please keep in mind that encouraging me to purchase the super expensive one at Ballard is not helpful.  I can pick out things that I cannot afford all on my own, thank you very much!  The point of this game is what will make this $18 stool look real cute in my bathroom, not help talk Kara into spending a mint on a stool from Ballard!  Besides, the stool is way down the list of things I would spend that much money on right now.  If I had extra cash, I would order a bench from Ballard that I want cutom made in the same material as my headboard... or, I would recover the chair in my bedroom into a fabric that better goes with "my vision".

So stick to the task people and help me out!

I need help deciding what to do with my new $18 stool for my bathroom vanity. It is really an ugly duckling right now, but I think it has enormous potential. I have several ideas, but I think I need your assistance...

Here is my old one.
I like it but it is from Target and this is version #3 (not really made for the long haul)...
oh and please excuse the traffic!

here is the new one (keep in mind, it needs to be re-done!)

ummm...excuse me Lola! This photo shoot is NOT for you!
Now move your cute little butt!

Again, please excuse the white dog traffic.

The "Army Gold/Green" is horrible, but it is cute in a vintage, industrial way.

I don't know whether to paint it a glossy white, or maybe a turquoise blue. I could paint it and tie a chair pad to the top of it. Or I could use it as the "frame" and then give it an outfit. You know, a little dress with a full skirt, so that it would kind of look like this $300+ that I want from Ballard Designs...

So what do you think?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

We got an extra what?

I'm Tired! We got an extra what? An extra hour of sleep you say? Well, I don't care, I'm still tired!

I had many plans for this weekend and none of them really went as, well, as planned! On Friday, I had planned to go to one of my favorite McKinney events...Scare at the Square. But as the day wore on and I looked at what all else I had planned for the weekend, so I decided that I had better skip the Square and start painting. Since I was missing out, Jennifer brought little Joshua by so I could see him in his Tigger costume

Moving the pumpkins was big entertainment around here...

so cute...

in the effort of full disclosure, I think this next photo more closely reflect his opinion of his costume...

On another Halloween note, I got so many cute, cute cards! I have to show you some...
This is from my friend Suz and her kiddos...her son Bennett (3) picked out the card and just knew that I had to have a Pooh card!

a cute photo Winston who clearly likes his costume better than Lola did!

Then all of this Cupcake and Baker cuteness (if I do say so myself...I helped research these costumes on line so I might be biased...No, it is total cuteness!)

these from Mom and Grandmother

Then check out this funny personalization on the inside of my card from my cousins Gracie (10 today) and Maddie (8)

Peace Love and Happiness is the standard Halloween greeting right?

Now, back to business...

So Friday it took like 2 hours for me to move all the remaining furniture into the middle of the room, tape off, etc. Then I finally started painting the primer. I got to the very last wall and wouldn't you know it, I ran out of primer. I headed out to Wal-Mart at 7:30 on Friday night, to buy another quart of primer, just so I could get that all on and be ready to paint on Saturday. I went tearing out of the garage and apparently ran smack over a frog. He is still squished on my driveway if anyone wants to come remove him for me. Guts and all please. Thank you kindly! I finished painting about 9:00, watched DVR'd Private Practice, took two Excedrin Back and Body pills so I could get out of bed on Saturday and went to bed.

I woke up on Saturday morning, all raring to go! I busted out my paint and started painting. About 3 feet into the first wall, I realized "Oh CRAP!", one coat isn't going to do it (yes, even on top of the primer...this seems to be the follow up question every asks). So of course, that means I'm not going to have enough paint. I made an emergency call to Lisa, who was in town for a soccer game and to do a little work, and I had her going to get me some more paint.

Let me just take a break here in the chronicles of my weekend and say this, DO NOT paint anything in you house chocolate brown unless you are sure you want to leave it that way until you move or die, whichever comes first. It is an incredible pain to paint over. In this case, one layer of primer and two layers of paint! Just for reference for those of you that haven't been to my house, but my bedroom is approximately 18 feet by 15 feet with all but 1 of the walls being 10 feet tall! That is a lot to paint by yourself people!

Back to the regular scheduled programming...

After I call Lisa for more paint, what do I do, I call my mommy! Yes, I call Mom to whine about the horrible situation I now find myself in, then I get off the phone and start painting, I mean hey~ it isn't going to paint itself right? So I paint for a while and then the phone rings. It is Mom. She is on her way. Yea! The calvary is coming! I think she was afraid I was about to fling myself off the top of the ladder!

I finished the first coat of paint right as she arrived. Then we watched a little Tech football. Then we hauled my bookcase outside to paint it. Then we watched a little Tech football and ate supper. Then I started the second coat of paint while Mom answered the door for trick-or-treaters. I finished up the painting at about 9:00-9:30 last night, then took two Excedrin Back and Body pills and went to bed!

We got up early this morning and headed for Canton Trade Days. I specifically wanted to hit up my jewelry booth. I had stuff to buy for myself, stuff to buy as gifts, stuff to pick up for Lisa that she forgot to get when she was there on Friday, and stuff to get for my friend Suz who couldn't make the trip this week. I got there and NOTHING! They were out of EVERYTHING. Well, for the most part, they were out of everything. I was so sad! This is what I got up at 7 a.m. for. This is what I drove 1 1/2 hours for. (insert Tears here)

Anyway, I got a couple of cute things at Canton and got the tulle for my Christmas gifts, so it wasn't a complete waste. Oh and I almost forgot, I got a little stool to replace my broken one in my bathroom vanity. It needs some work, but was only $18. I haven't decided what kind of face lift it is going to get just yet.
Here is what I bought...

They had this cute sign in one that was about 3 feet tall, but I opted for the (cheaper) 1 foot tall one. I thought it was cute, could be used all winter, and this Texas gal totally agrees with the saying that "There's no place like snow!"
Then I got this funny little plaque...

because it made me laugh and only cost $3.95. On the other side it says, "Smile, and the world smiles with you. Laugh and everyone thinks you're on drugs".

So a busy weekend around Legally Blonde's place. I now have to go finish writing my test that I'm giving at 7 a.m. tomorrow! Next Saturday you see the return of SATC Saturday because I hopefully won't be high on paint fumes and standing on a ladder!

Oh, and yeah, I'm not posting photos of the room. I'm very happy with far. It isn't finished. I still have plans. I think the choice of color is a little controversial. No, don't worry. It's not paint the top half of my dining room black controversial, though I still say that would look awesome and everyone would love it and not think I'm a goth weirdo, but I think it is controversial all the same, so I don't want to post photos until the vision is complete.

So a belated Happy B-day to my friend Abby, as yesterday was her day! I hope you all had a great Halloween and got lots of good Swine-Flu germ free candy! Thanks for checking in, I think I'm going to go collapse now!


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