Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cause of the Week

I'm not wholly changing my Cause of Week, but I'm adding to it really.

This week, I'm combining a cause and one of my favorite artists. Ryan Star was on "Rock Star", one of those talent type TV competitions, a few years ago. Anyway, I've been crushing on him ever since! I love his music and in fact listen to him almost every single night while I'm in the bath and getting ready for bed.

His last single is "Breathe" and he took up the unemployment cause in his music video. Unemployment is of course tied to the Hunger issues that I have already highlighted. Check out Ryan's new video...

Click Here to get more information about the people you saw in the video.

In other news, ...

Oh My Gosh Y'all! I spend all stinking day today working on Christmas card issues...finding a card, working on the photo for the card, the newsletter, etc. The photo issue really dogged me for a while. I'm not doing one photo, but a collage of photos. It got to the point that I would send a photo up to Walgreens on the corner, and the nice lady there would call and let me know if it was right or not! I'm not kidding!

Anyway, that whole mess is mostly done and now I'm about to relax (oh Lord hopefully) and enjoy the Tech game (again, hopefully). Of course there is a fair chance that there will be nothing relaxing or enjoyable about it...that is about how our whole season has gone!

Hopefully tomorrow I can be more productive and get more done. If you guys could see my half assed bedroom remodel you would know that I should be whipped for sitting at the computer all day with my friends Photoshop and Printshop!


Spotted-Bird said...

How is Photoshop and Photopring? Do we get to see what you have been working on?


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