Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After Turkey

I'll get to the day after, but first a couple of photos from Thanksgiving. I didn't do a good job of getting photos of people this year, so give me a giant FAIL on that one, but I got a couple of the pups.

We had about 15 people over to my Mom and Dad's for Fajitas on Wednesday night. I don't recall ever seeing Lola so tired in her whole darn life. This is her the day after (Thursday), still recuperating from all the action...

Milly had to get a bath on Thanksgiving morning because she seemed to be itching (they are in the middle of a huge flea outbreak up there in the country...the exterminator guy is going to have a grand Christmas at my parent's expense he has been out so much!). Anyway, fresh off her bath, little Milly (aka: Pig Pen), went and had a roll in the leaves...

I will say right off the top, that I'm not a huge Black Friday shopper. I like a good deal, but I hate crowds. Plus, I'm never really in the market for any of those big ticket items that are a great deal. I usually will go out and take advantage of a couple of deals, but I'm not setting my alarm! This morning, I went to Stein Mart because they had a $10 off $25 purchase coupon. I was able to get a throw for the bench in my bedroom and a stocking stuffer for my Mom. Then I hit up Belk and got another Door Buster deal for a Christmas present. After that, every store I hit up was a bust. Target and their cheap DVDs are not as cheap and not nearly as good of a selection as in the past. Boo Target!

I did hit up Hallmark for some Wood Wicks reed diffusers that after an $8 off coupon only cost me $2! I also got some replacement lights I needed at Hobby Lobby.

My goal for the rest of "The Day After Turkey" includes getting some (I dare say all, though hopefully) of my outside decorations done (I think it might rain later this weekend, so I'm saving inside for then) and trying to get some order back into the re-decorating zone (aka: my bedroom).

Hope you all had a great turkey day and are finding deal after deal today!


Emilymud said...

Oh come on you didn't head out at 4 am like we did. We just do it for the fun of it!!!
Looks like you all had a great turkey day!

Scrappy Girl said...

I didn't do Black Friday at all! Poor sleepy cute.


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