Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Better

These guys have been my best friends since last Wednesday

I've been sick since then. It started with Allergies and progressed to Bronchitis. As many will point out, I haven't been to a doctor, so this is just my diagnosis. To that I say two things (1) One, I am a doctor. So what if it is in jurisprudence and not medicine. We lawyers are the only people who have a doctorate and don't get to be called "Dr". and (2) I have had both of these conditions so many times, I don't need a doctor to diagnose me.

If the congestion, ear ache, sore throat, lost voice, and coughing weren't enough signs to point toward being really sick, then the fact that I've had no appetite is. I am always hungry, but yesterday I only had lunch, and even then it wasn't because I was hungry, but was just figuring that I needed to eat something at some point in the day.

But I think I'm finally getting back on track. I would say getting back to the land of the living, but with the exception of this weekend, I have had to continue on going to court and class. My students are about on DVD overload right now since I haven't had a voice to lecture, but hopefully, I will be back to boring them to sleep in no time now.


Ann said...

Sorry you've been sick. I've had it too. My ear is killing me- if it would just open up I would feel better. I diagnose myself all the time; as you know, I'm a doctor too. But, this time I had to go to the MD. The JD doesn't get you very far at the pharmacy.

Scrappy Girl said...

Hope you mend quickly!


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