Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Good Day!

I received an e-mail this morning from Ballard Designs saying that my headboard was finished being made and had been shipped! I was very excited because it wasn't suppose to ship until December 3rd. It is a bit of delayed gratification however, because they claim it takes 2-3 weeks for shipping. I guess they are driving it from the most southern point in South America or somewhere equally far. Anyway, because that has shipped a little bit earlier than expected, I am so glad that I spent 6 hours on Sunday finishing the paint job on my room.

I know I said I wasn't going to share until all was done, but I'm just pleased as punch about the outcome and I need to share. I shared with a couple of friends and that didn't cure the itch, so now I'm publishing to all of blogworld. For a little explanation, I painted my room a color called mayonnaise. Disgusting right? I like to think that it looks like a vanilla milkshake. I had mentioned that it was controversial, and I still think it is. Why on earth would I basically paint my bedroom white? Well, here is my thought process. Most of the furniture is very dark, as are the new curtains (that I still need to hang). I looked through several interior design websites and what always stood out to me was a very clean wall, void of color and the color coming from elsewhere in the room. So I decided to try it, well mostly, which is where this project comes in.

As you know I finished my painting of the room (really 3 rounds of painting) back on Halloween. Then Sunday I did this to the wall that is behind my bed (the photos are kind of bad because it was dark when I finished. It looks a little pearlized, but it isn't, it's just paint on paint)

I did all of this with one little stencil. As I mentioned it took forever, but at least I feel like it was worth the 6 hours I put into it. Though I didn't notice at the time, I was essentially doing squats for 6 hours straight. Considering the only squats I normally do is to pick up the paper shredding mess that Lola has created, my legs are so very, very sore!

Aside from the good news about my headboard being ready early, I was FINALLY able to locate my desired calendar for 2010. Jennifer and I have had the same ones for years now. I usually get them at TJ Maxx, but this year, I've had no luck locating them. We've looked everywhere else for a calendar that we like and had no luck either. Finally today, I popped in Marshalls and found it!

Truth is, this makes me happier than knowing that my headboard has shipped!

I had lunch today with my friend Suzanna and her two kiddo's Kate (1 yr) and Bennett (3 yrs). They are both cute as can be and I totally should have taken a photo of them for this posting, but folks Bennett cracks me up! He kept telling me that I had biscuits in my hair all during lunch. I mean in his defense there could be quite a few things hidden in my curly mess of hair, but I'm pretty sure there weren't biscuits in there! He is also always very concerned about Lola and what she is doing. He has recently declared Lola to be his best friend, but I'm not sure Lola reciprocates his feelings!

Finally today I got to fulfill some of my unfulfilled desires to be a party planner and print up the invitations for little Joshua's upcoming birthday party. I think they turned out to be just adorable, so I'm sharing even though he isn't my kid!

I blocked out the address so none of you guys could crash our wild and crazy bash! I can't take credit for the cute saying. My friend Abby is doing a farm theme for her little boy's 2nd party and she found this cute little language.

We have been doing some other cute things for the party. Yesterday we got some red and white gingham fabric to drape over the table and then some dark blue bandannas to lay diagonal across. I think it will be really cute. I keep trying to talk Lola into wearing a pig costume and being our petting zoo, but so far, she doesn't seem too keen on the idea!


courtney said...

oh, i love the wall!! i can't believe you did all of that stenciling--i'm impressed! i can't wait to see pics after it's all decorated.

and, congratulations on your calendar.... :)

Scrappy Girl said...

All the work you did on that wall is crazy awesome! WOW! Well worth the sore legs.

Abby said...

Love it all. I so wish that you lived closer to me so you could do all of my party planning, especially since Joshua and Brooks' birthday's are so close to each other!!

Ann said...

Wow!! That is amazing- I can't believe you did that with a stencil. It looks perfect. I can't to see everything once it is complete.

Spotted-Bird said...

WOW!!! The bedroom wall looks great. I can't believe you took the time to do all that stenciling. You are dedicated. Can't wait to see the final product.


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