Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Kicks

I went shopping today. I found lots of great deals everywhere I went, but the one purchase that I'm most excited about came from Coach. I went to the Coach outlet because (1) I haven't been in a while to survey their inventory and (2) my wonderful friend Abby forwarded me her 20% off coupon she received via e-mail (try as I might to sign up to receive those e-mails, I never receive them). What did I get?

Here's a hint...

looks like a show box

definitely a shoe box

cute little tennis shoes?

yes! cute little tennis shoes!

I actually had looked at them several months ago when they were like $100. Guess how much I paid for them today? No. Lower. No. Lower.



Abby said...

Love them! I am so glad the coupon did you good!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Great buy! There wasn't anything (even a keychain) for $24 in the Coach store in the Canal Mall here in New Orleans.

The Ffrench's said...

I love those !!!!

Ann said...

Very cute! I love a good deal!


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