Sunday, November 1, 2009

We got an extra what?

I'm Tired! We got an extra what? An extra hour of sleep you say? Well, I don't care, I'm still tired!

I had many plans for this weekend and none of them really went as, well, as planned! On Friday, I had planned to go to one of my favorite McKinney events...Scare at the Square. But as the day wore on and I looked at what all else I had planned for the weekend, so I decided that I had better skip the Square and start painting. Since I was missing out, Jennifer brought little Joshua by so I could see him in his Tigger costume

Moving the pumpkins was big entertainment around here...

so cute...

in the effort of full disclosure, I think this next photo more closely reflect his opinion of his costume...

On another Halloween note, I got so many cute, cute cards! I have to show you some...
This is from my friend Suz and her kiddos...her son Bennett (3) picked out the card and just knew that I had to have a Pooh card!

a cute photo Winston who clearly likes his costume better than Lola did!

Then all of this Cupcake and Baker cuteness (if I do say so myself...I helped research these costumes on line so I might be biased...No, it is total cuteness!)

these from Mom and Grandmother

Then check out this funny personalization on the inside of my card from my cousins Gracie (10 today) and Maddie (8)

Peace Love and Happiness is the standard Halloween greeting right?

Now, back to business...

So Friday it took like 2 hours for me to move all the remaining furniture into the middle of the room, tape off, etc. Then I finally started painting the primer. I got to the very last wall and wouldn't you know it, I ran out of primer. I headed out to Wal-Mart at 7:30 on Friday night, to buy another quart of primer, just so I could get that all on and be ready to paint on Saturday. I went tearing out of the garage and apparently ran smack over a frog. He is still squished on my driveway if anyone wants to come remove him for me. Guts and all please. Thank you kindly! I finished painting about 9:00, watched DVR'd Private Practice, took two Excedrin Back and Body pills so I could get out of bed on Saturday and went to bed.

I woke up on Saturday morning, all raring to go! I busted out my paint and started painting. About 3 feet into the first wall, I realized "Oh CRAP!", one coat isn't going to do it (yes, even on top of the primer...this seems to be the follow up question every asks). So of course, that means I'm not going to have enough paint. I made an emergency call to Lisa, who was in town for a soccer game and to do a little work, and I had her going to get me some more paint.

Let me just take a break here in the chronicles of my weekend and say this, DO NOT paint anything in you house chocolate brown unless you are sure you want to leave it that way until you move or die, whichever comes first. It is an incredible pain to paint over. In this case, one layer of primer and two layers of paint! Just for reference for those of you that haven't been to my house, but my bedroom is approximately 18 feet by 15 feet with all but 1 of the walls being 10 feet tall! That is a lot to paint by yourself people!

Back to the regular scheduled programming...

After I call Lisa for more paint, what do I do, I call my mommy! Yes, I call Mom to whine about the horrible situation I now find myself in, then I get off the phone and start painting, I mean hey~ it isn't going to paint itself right? So I paint for a while and then the phone rings. It is Mom. She is on her way. Yea! The calvary is coming! I think she was afraid I was about to fling myself off the top of the ladder!

I finished the first coat of paint right as she arrived. Then we watched a little Tech football. Then we hauled my bookcase outside to paint it. Then we watched a little Tech football and ate supper. Then I started the second coat of paint while Mom answered the door for trick-or-treaters. I finished up the painting at about 9:00-9:30 last night, then took two Excedrin Back and Body pills and went to bed!

We got up early this morning and headed for Canton Trade Days. I specifically wanted to hit up my jewelry booth. I had stuff to buy for myself, stuff to buy as gifts, stuff to pick up for Lisa that she forgot to get when she was there on Friday, and stuff to get for my friend Suz who couldn't make the trip this week. I got there and NOTHING! They were out of EVERYTHING. Well, for the most part, they were out of everything. I was so sad! This is what I got up at 7 a.m. for. This is what I drove 1 1/2 hours for. (insert Tears here)

Anyway, I got a couple of cute things at Canton and got the tulle for my Christmas gifts, so it wasn't a complete waste. Oh and I almost forgot, I got a little stool to replace my broken one in my bathroom vanity. It needs some work, but was only $18. I haven't decided what kind of face lift it is going to get just yet.
Here is what I bought...

They had this cute sign in one that was about 3 feet tall, but I opted for the (cheaper) 1 foot tall one. I thought it was cute, could be used all winter, and this Texas gal totally agrees with the saying that "There's no place like snow!"
Then I got this funny little plaque...

because it made me laugh and only cost $3.95. On the other side it says, "Smile, and the world smiles with you. Laugh and everyone thinks you're on drugs".

So a busy weekend around Legally Blonde's place. I now have to go finish writing my test that I'm giving at 7 a.m. tomorrow! Next Saturday you see the return of SATC Saturday because I hopefully won't be high on paint fumes and standing on a ladder!

Oh, and yeah, I'm not posting photos of the room. I'm very happy with far. It isn't finished. I still have plans. I think the choice of color is a little controversial. No, don't worry. It's not paint the top half of my dining room black controversial, though I still say that would look awesome and everyone would love it and not think I'm a goth weirdo, but I think it is controversial all the same, so I don't want to post photos until the vision is complete.

So a belated Happy B-day to my friend Abby, as yesterday was her day! I hope you all had a great Halloween and got lots of good Swine-Flu germ free candy! Thanks for checking in, I think I'm going to go collapse now!


Ann said...

Wow, lots of work! I'm glad you finished the paint and I can't wait to see it!

courtney said...

good job painting! i HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE painting.

notice all of the nail holes in my house?? that's b/c anytime i think about filling them in and painting over them, i break out in hives. hate painting....

Scrappy Girl said...

I was already tired from walking the streets of New Orleans...after reading all that I am going to bed...LOL! I hate painting, but I love the results.

Abby said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I wish my birthday weekend had been more fun for you! Can't wait to see it all in real life!!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Great photos of Joshua! The best thing about Halloween is seeing all the little kids in their costumes!

I feel your pain with the paint, you would think a dark color would cover easily...nope, I had the same issue when I painted my kitchen a deep red. I have a huge right bicep from doing a million rolling stokes! lol

Love and hugs,


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