Thursday, November 12, 2009

What the Heck?

Today has been full of "What the Heck?" moments for me. I'll list them out for you...

  • I got an e-mail from the head of government at one of the campuses for the College that I teach at. He wants me to send him a copy of my syllabi and writing assignments because he has decided they are good and he wants to copy them. What the heck? I mean he is a real teacher, why is he copying off of me?

  • I got to class tonight and there was a Whataburger sack on my podium. After quizzing my class this student in the back said it was mine. Apparently the last time this student was having his full on Whataburger meal during class and causing a disruption, I commented that he should bring enough for the whole class the next time (read into that comment...maybe you shouldn't bring a whole meal to class!). Anyway, he brought me a burger. What the heck? What am I suppose to do? Eat it up at the podium? Uh, no. I can't walk over and trash it because then I'm a super bitch. I had to wait until break and the student was nowhere in sight so that I could go trash it out in the hall so that it would stop stinking up my classroom! Luckily, said student went out and smoked in his car during the break, so when he came back, he managed to stink up the class with the cigarette smell and cover the Whataburger smell!

  • I went to the 'Neath the Wreath holiday market and made it through the market in 30 minutes or less and didn't purchase one thing. What the Heck? Has the market gone to crap or was I off my shopping mojo today? I'm blaming it on the fact that most everything is stuff that I see at Canton (for cheaper).

  • I went to Target to replenish my supply of Mucinex D (no, I'm still not "well"). I discovered that there is a new super-duper Mucinex D that is double the strength of both drugs. What the heck? Why didn't I discover this last week? Why didn't Walgreens have it when I was there doing my first round of replenishing the Mucinex?



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