Monday, December 7, 2009

All's Not Lost

Hugh Grant's hard living may have caught up with him and altered his boyish face we all love to watch on the big screen, but thankfully ladies, all is not lost in this world.

One of the British boys we all love to watch actually is looking better (if you can believe that).

Exhibit 1: Colin Firth

Colin has always been great. I mean I have 3 words for you... Pride and Prejudice. Need 3 more... The Lake Scene. 'nuf said

But... what about Love Actually and Bridget Jones 1 & 2. I say bring on Bridget Jones 3!!! We want to see more Colin!

I have no earthly idea why I'm blogging about these Brits this week. I'm chalking up my possibly delirious state to exhaustion!


The Cooper Family said...

Sigh. I heart Colin. He is my favorite.


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