Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blog & Kitchen Decorations

First, let's talk about this fabulous Holiday blog make-over! A million thanks to the oh-so-talented Traci over at Sweet Cheeky Designs! As we were in the design process, I could tell I was going to LOVE it, so I told Traci that I didn't want it to be too Christmasy because I plan on using this all winter long! At one point Traci asked if I thought there was too much glitter. I told her that I do not believe that there is such a thing as too much glitter in the world (p.s. we went on to glitter up a few more things after that)! Thanks again Traci, you rock!

Well, I still have decorating to do in my house. I think I'm just going to throw up the final two trees and everything else can just forget it for this year! I usually am "Little Miss Holiday Decorator," but this year, I'm just too busy and tired to care.
I decided that this year, instead of showing you the photos that look just like last years, I'm going to give you a "tour" of my trees and other decorations. I'm starting my "tour" today in the kitchen...
I always love this guy...

The kitchen tree...

My kitchen tree has, kitcheny type of ornaments, of course...

Snowman chef (there were three of these, but a tree catastrophe a couple of years ago killed two)

several chocolate santas

many cupcakes

a bakeshop full of gingerbread cookies, though these still on the cookie sheet are my favs

and the topper is a gingerbread looking snowflake (in pink!)

There are also ornaments from when I was a little whipper-snapper...

This angel, among others that adorn the tree, have been on tress most (or all) of my life.

This tree is decorated with Old Fashioned Bubble Lights...

Of course, puppy themed ornaments too...

Lola's ornament

Puppy "Food" related ornament

My tree wouldn't be complete without my sweet Macy's photo.
I have a photo of Milly & Lola on ornaments too, but didn't get a shot of those.

This is Lola's pink elephant ornament that Abby & Family sent
(because her pink stuffed Ellie they gave her as a wee pup is her favorite toy).

The tree contains many ornaments from travels...

One of my ornaments from Puerto Vallarta

A Scottie Dog from Scotland

A Bus from London...

and Big Ben

A Waterford Santa purchased in Ireland

Santa with grapes from Martha's Vineyard


The Bahamas

A Lobster from Maine

One of several from New Orleans...An Oyster Santa

And also this tree consists of just fun ornaments I like and special ornaments...

One that was given to me the first year I owned my home

Fun Snowflake with my initial (it's huge and super cute in person)

The martini drinking Santa that says "You'd be merry too if you worked 1 day a year!"

And I love this strawberry santa fairy. His wings come off every year, but he just gets a crazy glue makeover and stuck back on the tree!

Sorry for the million photos, but almost all the ornaments on my trees have some sort of story. I like looking at the tree and having a memory that attached to nearly everyone.

Stay tuned for the Living Room decorations (they are actually done) and the bedroom and office decorations (which aren't!).


Scrappy Girl said...

Cute bloggy makeover. I loved seeing your ornaments. My lil sis picks up ornaments every time she travels. She got the cutest fish with big lips from New Orleans.

courtney said...

LOVE your new blog design! SO fun!

Also loved looking at pics of your ornaments--I love Christmas trees!


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