Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is finally here. Time to hit the road (Please don't rob my house. I have a neighbor checking on it and the alarm is set. I've paid my monthly payment to Brinks. I've paid my yearly alarm fee to the city. The police will come for you. Plus I believe I have most everything of value packed into my 4Runner).

I finally talked to my Mom last night for really the first time since they got back from Mexico. Seems I am invited to Christmas. I was beginning to wonder. She informed me that she is making two cakes that I requested (I requested but never believed it would happen). That coconut cake from Hominy Grill in Charleston that I raved about here, well I e-mailed those sweet southern folks and would you believe they sent me the recipe? I forwarded it to my Mom and, well, that is dessert for Christmas Eve! Then for Christmas Day she is going to do a Red Velvet Cake. Seriously, I couldn't imagine being happier.... well, I could imagine, but it would involve George Clooney or someone similar to that and well, the two cakes seem more realistic.

I got on the road a little earlier than expected because the report from Nocona was that the roads were getting bad. Seems we are having ourselves a white Christmas here in this part of Texas. It is pretty exciting.

I got here around 11:45, it's 1:30 now and Mom is already mad at one of us, so we know it's Christmas Eve! Seems Dad was reheating some stuff for lunch and though he was microwaving mashed potatoes, that turned out to be a pie crust mom had in the refrigerator chilling! Of course, Mom exclaimed, When in the hell have we had mashed potatoes in the past several weeks that caused you to think we had them left over! In case you were wondering, pie crust doesn't smell very good when being heated in the microwave!

Oh y'all while I'm sitting here at the kitchen bar blogging, Mom is digging in the refrigerator and yelled at Dad, Well you didn't even eat the beans and corn that went with those tamales you re-heated! Dad says, Well hell I couldn't find them! All I could find is pie crust! I almost just laughed so hard that there were tears. Ahhh, the holidays! Mom just wished for one Christmas when something "screwy didn't happen".

I can't post photos unless they are posted from my iphone (since I'm not on my computer), so I'll try to post one of our winter weather. Merry Christmas to all! Hope Santa visits you!


GypsyNurse said...

Merry Christmas.. and no worries about all the people and animals...You have a LOLA..just like me!
Enjoy your day!


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