Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Plans

I don't have tons of plans for Christmas. Last night, Jennifer, Lisa and I all celebrated Christmas at Pappadeaux. Of course I forgot my camera, so no pics are available for posting. I got some great gifts from the girls including a Tech Hoodie sweatshirt, new wooden spoons (I've needed them and refused to buy them), nifty gloves that are Iphone friendly (and aren't fingerless), gift cards to Hobby Lobby and Half Price Books, a Tech plate, and a cute picture from Etsy (if it acutally ever comes in...seems some venders are not real dependable).

Tuesday I intend to have a special day with my cousins, which of course I will blog about, if a hearing that I have to cover for Jennifer doesn't spoil all the fun. I'll go to Nocona at some point, but I don't really know when yet. My Mom's family decided that we were going to have Christmas on the 26th, which makes me say bah humbug! While I don't shop the day after Thanksgiving, I do love to shop the day after Christmas.

Mostly my plans involve seeing as many movies as possible. Most movies that I'm ever interested in don't come out until this time of year, so I have a list. My list includes: Up in the Air, Invictus, It's Complicated, A Single Man, The Young Victoria and maybe Nine. I have a plan to see most of these.

I started today.  Billy and I went to a yummy brunch at The Bronx and then went to the Magnolia to see Up in the Air.

First, let me say, 2 hours of George... 'nuff said! It was great! It wasn't all about George, we both loved it! I believe that after Thank You for Smoking, Juno and now Up in the Air, I can declare that I love Jason Reitman... I love the way his mind works!

I'm trying to talk my parents into going to Wichita Falls on Christmas afternoon to see a movie and It's Complicated is probably the only one on my list that is up their ally, so that's what I'm hoping for. As for the rest, well, I just hoping to find some time to squeeze them in.

I wish that I had something else far more exciting planned, but that's all I got folks. Hope you have great plans!


Spotted-Bird said...

I am hoping for lots of movies during James' break. We really don't go to the movies very often, but there are tons that I want to see right now. Actually, I want to see your list. I was a little up in the air about George, but because of you I am sold. Can't wait.


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