Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today has not gone at all how I planned or expected it to. The dogs and I have had quite the dog-venture today!

Milly has been having an itchy butt. She was sick a few weeks ago with gastro-intestinal issues and I was fearing that the fact that she was dragging her butt all over the place was in some way a problem associated with that (or maybe something else). I guess I could deal with the dragging butt issue, except that her butt seemed to bother her when she was suppose to be my bed...therefore, she bothered me when I was suppose to be sleeping. I e-mailed Mom in Mexico and asked if she thought I should take Milly to the vet. She thought I should.

I didn't get away from court until 12:45 today. We were suppose to be picking up a big sweet basket from Corner Bakery at 11:00 to deliver to another attorney's office who refers us clients. Jennifer still wasn't done at 12:45, so I ran to Plano to pick up the sweets and a call in order for our lunch. I dropped the sweets off in Allen and headed home to scarf down my food and leave Jennifer's in the ice box until she was done in court. Then the dogs and I headed to Wichita Falls for the vet.

Lola didn't seem sick, but she has had some itchy skin issues and I figured that if I'm making the 2 hour and 15 minute trip to see Joe, our vet, then I would just take Lola along for good measure.

On our way...

We got to the vet at about 4:00. A poor dog had just been brought in that had been run over and had a broken back, so we of course were in for quite a wait. Waiting with two dogs in a vet waiting room is an adventure. By the grace of God, no other dogs came in (you know Lola doesn't like that), only people. Don't think that she still didn't cause a scene when people came in. She talks to everyone. If you ignore her, she talks even more.

Finally, we got to see Joe at about 5:00. Turns out there isn't a darn thing wrong with Milly other than for some reason her butt is irritated and she is being a big sissy. Also, turns out that Lola has some skin condition and a secondary infection that necessitates all sorts of medication. I would like to muster up an ounce of surprise at this turn of events, but honestly people, I cannot.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it. Can you believe that the guy that hit the dog came by to talk to the owner to "see how the dog was doing" but within about 30 seconds of being there told them that his car was damaged and proceeded to tell them that the grill was smashed and had dog hair all embeded in it! YES! He DID! I would have punched him. I would be sitting in jail right now if that had been my dog.

Anyway, Joe tells me that Lo's antibiotic is being given away at Market Street Pharmacy if I want to get it filled there. I decide to go for it. Why not save $30 considering how much all her other meds cost. On our drive over to the Market Street, we pass by Midwestern State University and their Holiday Light display. It is really a great thing to see. It is much more than lights. They have displays. One such display is Cinderella. Lola proceeded to bark at the wicked stepsisters and the horses carrying Cinderella's carriage.

I dropped of the scrip and was told it was going to be 30 minutes, so I decided to get a quick bite to eat and drive back by MSU now that it was dark to see the lights. I tried to take some photos of this display, but they were pretty bad considering I was trying to drive, deal with barking dogs and take photos at the same time. If you want to check it out with better photos, go to the website for Fantasy of Lights. Here are my pics though...


Santa's House

Peter Pan

The New Nativity

the old one had live animals, not these plastic ones (boo!)

The Bell Tower and Hardin Building

Bolin Science Hall

More Bell Tower

Wichita Falls doesn't have a ton to offer, but one thing that it has that blows every other town away is the Christmas lights. For some reason people just know how to DO Christmas lights there. Here is a pic of one of my favorite neighborhoods...

Every tree on the street is candy cane striped!

On the way back from Wichita Falls, I listened to my ipod on shuffle. It is much like that quote I posted a while back... I like all the songs on my ipod except when it is on shuffle. Then I only like 1 of every 15.

I did discover 3 truths while listening to my ipod on shuffle:
(1) If you listened to a song 10,739 times when you were in 7th grade, you will still remember the words when you are 33.
(2) If I didn't know the words to 5,000+ songs, I might be able to remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.
(3) If anyone else listened to my ipod on shuffle they would be certain I have multiple personalities disorder.

I made a pit stop at Starbucks in Decatur. Mostly because I needed a potty break. Secondarily because I have my congestion, drainage, sore throat, coughing thing again and thought something hot would feel good. This guy, was the one who made my Grande Chai Tea Latte Extra Hot...

At first, I thought he was wearing hoop earrings. Then I realized they were those things that stretch out your earlobes. His were the biggest I had ever seen. I had to surreptitiously take his photo with my iphone so I could show you (thus the bad photo). I also learned a couple of truths at Starbucks:

(1) Don't listen to what the barristas are talking about (ear hoop guy's dog ate his ferret)
(2) If your starbucks guy forgets to the "extra hot" portion of your chai tea latte extra hot order, and you make him re-do it, you will not be able to drink it for 15.7 miles.

Oh, and if you are in Starbucks, pick up their free song of the week card... It's Silent Night by Andrea Bocelli!

So I arrived back home with two sleepy, hungry and cranky pups. Here is our loot of meds...

Most are Lola's. The rubber gloves go with Milly's. The instructions on Milly's med's includes the word "rectum". Gloves, rectum...I'm sure you can figure that one out. Don't think for a second that I'm not going to remind my Mom about this the next time she complains about giving Lola a pill while babysitting her grand-dog!


courtney said...

i hate the stretchy earring things. so gross. WAY grosser than a dog with an itchy butt! ;)

i completely agree with you about shuffle. i suddenly hate all of my music when it's on shuffle.

if you would sing about what you had for lunch yesterday, you wouldn't forget what it was.

Emilymud said...

I love your post....
You know if it is not one thing it is another. Good info on the starbucks free song...I didn't know they did that and I have been there 3 times this week. I hope tomorrow goes AS PLANNED!

Abby said...

Love the whole post!! Sorry about the gloves, ect.

Spotted-Bird said...

What a day!!!

The Ffrench's said...

I found this post very hilarious even though I had gotten the live version of it when I talked with you on the phone. Ewwwwwww .... yes your Mom owes you !

Ann said...

You are such a nice Mommy. You went to a lot of work!! Hope both puppies feel better. Sorry about the gloves!

ab said...

I just found your blog. I'm from Allen so it's neat to read about things local. Thanks for sharing your story.


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