Tuesday, December 15, 2009


See these eyes?

These eyes were put through the ringer on Monday.

I made an appointment late last week to visit the eye doctor. I wasn't out of contacts yet, but I did need to get some new glasses. I have had the same glasses since 2001. I wanted to go get said glasses while things are slow over the holidays and I don't have class.

I didn't officially go to the eye doctor last year. Remember back in November 2008 when I had my eye swelling issue and looked like Elephant Man? Well, I went to the eye doctor then and got a complete examination (for $100+) and they told me to take Benadryl. I got mad about that and went to Sam's and ordered another year of contacts since I figured I could still see okay and I knew my eyes were healthy.

Anyway, because I made my appointment at the last minute, I didn't get to see "my" doctor, but I saw his associate instead. People, I kid you not when I say that I thought she had blinded me. Here's what happened: She dilated my eyes. Instead of letting me sit in the dark cubby hole room to wait on the dilating to be complete, she made me go sit in the bright waiting room. This was painful, but I wore my sunglasses like I was a diva. Then she brought me in for the exam and used her mirror thing to shoot light into my eyes. I believe that this was the equivalent to staring at the sun from Mercury. I was so blinded that my eyes literally hurt! Then she said, "okay, it's about to get brighter" and I screeched "Brighter, How on earth could anything be brighter" and then it was. Finally that was over and she put those burning drops in to reverse the dilation process.

After a couple of minutes of crying my eye liner and mascara off, she told me to put in my new contacts. It seems that I wasn't seeing quite as well as I thought. My astigmatism in my left eye has lessened and in the right eye it had worsened to the point that I needed a "special" kind of contact. I put these new contact in and couldn't see anything. Everything was blurry. Then she had me take out the new contact and put in one like I had been wearing. Still blurry. I couldn't even see to write my check! I had to call Jennifer to come and get me because there was no way I was getting in my new car to drive home.

Everything was blurry for over an hour. I have never had that happen before, so of course I was convinced that this doctor had burned the retinas in my eye, and thus began to prepare my lawsuit in my head. Finally after the blurriness had subsided, I put in that new fancy right contact and let me tell you...well there are NO words! Basically, I was AMAZED! It is like I can now see in High Definition! I don't know how long my vision has been off. I used to be great at detecting when it was off even just a little (because I got headaches). I guess now, I just figure that all the "adult stuff" in life is what was giving me the headache and didn't notice that my vision was off.

I'm very happy with the end result of this saga, but I barked at the lady at the front desk to note in my chart that I'm never seeing that Sadist of a doctor again!


Scrappy Girl said...

I am glad your eyes are okay...that would have been very scary. Yikes.

The Ffrench's said...

Oh No ... I had to do that a few weeks ago before Thanksgiving...the dilation is the worst ever. Glad it worked out ok !!!

Spotted-Bird said...

That would have totally freaked me out!!! I wouldn't have left the office until I knew I was okay.

I want to see in HD. Maybe I should go to the eye doctor. I don't think my vision is bad, but I don't think I am seeing everything in HD. I never really thought about it.

Ann said...

I hate getting my eyes dialated. I hope you don't get headaches from your new HD vision. I once had my prescription change pretty dramatically (after failing to go to the MD for two years) and my head hurt for a week as I adjusted to the new super vision.


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