Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finally, The Tree!

No, I still don't have the bedroom tree up. I had intended to do that tonight, but I just ate so much at Del Frisco's for dinner (post to come in a couple of days) that I am physically incapable of moving right now.

However, I am finally going to show you photos of "The Tree". This is the main tree in my living room. As I have expressed in some of my earlier Christmas posts, I intend to move this tree to my bedroom next year and get a 9 foot tree for the living room, so enjoy this tree in it's last year in the spotlight.

My living room tree is done completely in glass ornaments. People always ask "How many ornaments are on that tree and how do you get so many on there?". Well, I'm not sure how many are on there. I do know that it takes several hours to decorate, and I'm about to show you how I do it...

Step One... I put round one of the ornaments way in the back of the tree, close to the trunk. These are usually your standard Christmas glass balls in Green, Red, and Gold.

Above is what it looks like after this first step, and below is a close-up

Step 2: I put ornaments in the "middle" of the branches
It looks like this after this step...

Step 3: This involves all my ornaments that "are something". Either santa, wisemen, candy canes, etc.

I have collected these for some time and continue to add to the collection every year. Some are Radko, some Old World Christmas and some are other random finds.

It is my personal belief that there cannot be too many ornaments on a tree.

You can quote me on that! And here is where I start to put that to the test. I start out with these...

and keep adding and adding until I get this...

Here is a photo from the ground looking up...

ummm... please excuse the little white Lola dog
This is what happens when you lay on the floor at my house!

That's better!

Oh, okay, you go and get in front of the tree and I'll take your photo...

Now here is a little close-up of some of my ornaments...

This Santa on the telephone is a Radko. I got it several years ago. I got my Mom one too because this holds special meaning for my family. My great-grandfather, who I called Giggie, owned the telephone company in their town and every single year, every single child in town would receive a phone call from Santa. Then that very same Santa (my Giggie) would come riding into the town square during the Holiday festival on a fire truck and would amaze the children when he knew what they all wanted for Christmas.

When he passed away, someone published an article in the newspaper and included a poem they wrote about "The day Santa went to Heaven"

a sampling...

one of several teapots that I have...

The Holy Family

This one always makes me smile. I love this little mouse who has
eaten his way through the cookie. I should have taken a photo of the other side
because he little butt is hanging out!

There are many nutcrackers

A flock of various birds, really

Texas Tech is represented several times, too, but I only took a photo
of the Masked Rider

I have a set of 12 high heel shoes. All are a different Christmasy shoe.

This is my newest addition, Santa in a balloon.

My favorite addition from last year, Peace Santa.
It is very glittery and pretty.

Thanks for taking yet another tour of my Christmas decorations.
If you have popped over from the Christmas tour, my previous post has links to all the Christmas posts.

Finally, a quick Happy Birthday to my Mom! She is relaxing on a beach in Mexico, but said she would check the blog on her trip, so I wanted to give her a quick shout-out. If your birthday has got to be on a Monday, that is one heck of way to do it!


Abby said...

I don't think the pictures do your tree justice. It is so beautiful in real life!! Love it. Glad to see how you decorate it. My little miss might need to take tree decorating classes from you!!

Ann said...

I have a thing about Christmas ornaments too. I LOVE them. I agree with you- you can never have too many!!

I love your masked rider. I may have to see if I can find one of those. My kids (ok, and me too) would love it.

Thanks for the tour of your tree. It is beautiful.

Traci said...

Kara, how beautiful! I love your tree and all those ornaments. I was going to ask what Zorro was doing on your tree but then I read that it was a Tech thang!

I loved the story about Giggie. I would love to see that article about Santa going to Heaven. What a great story, Kara and what a legacy!

Boo to your Mom! NOT fair. Hope she's having fun, though!

Spotted-Bird said...

I love your Masked Rider. Where did you get it? I need one.

I totally agree that you can never have too many ornaments on a tree. The more the ornaments the better. Love you tree! So pretty.

Scrappy Girl said...

I love the pic of Lola in front of the tree...everytime I read your blog she is doing something cute and it makes me want to run to the petstore and buy one! lol


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