Tuesday, December 22, 2009

House Decorating

I picked up my cousins Maddie (8) and Gracie (10) just before lunch today. We had big plans, but first, we had to fuel up, and we did so with burgers at Scotty P's. While having lunch, the girls had me cracking up about various things. Here were some of the funny statements that I heard...

Miss (insert name, I don't recall, but it's Maddie's teacher) has a boyfriend and no offense, but he is SO NOT HOT!
Gracie: Bolten said...
Maddie: That's her boyfriend in her imagination
Gracie: Not my imaginary boyfriend, but my CRUSH
Maddie: Whatever you need to tell yourself...

Sorry, I just got another case of the giggles thinking about these two!

After Lunch we headed home to get to work. Houses needed to be decorated!

All prepped for decorating...

Everything was so nice and neat at this point!
I wish I had taken a photo of the table at the end...think polar opposite

We had to don the proper attire...

Then we got down to business decorating our Gingerbread Houses...


The final results...

(she said, can I stand by your's Kara so that your blog people will think it's mine?)
No Maddie, own your ten layers of pretzels on the roof!

Isn't her wreath awesome!

All packed up to go home

I tried to get them to watch Elf with me, but what did I get? Not ELF again! We've seen that like a million times! I informed them I wasn't watching another minute of Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana, so we needed to find something else. I tried to get them to watch "Little Women"

Then shortly after these pics were taken I hear, Can we watch ELF?

Oh, and here is my house...


other side

back of the house

Oh, and you might find this next story humorous like I did.
I meet the girl's mom, Kati, to pick them up today. She tells me she has to go to Barnes and Noble because they have this "hot" cookbook that she has on hold for my uncle Mark. She say's "You probably haven't heard of it, but you should look into getting your mom one. It's called Pioneer Woman". Ummmmm. Yeah. I've heard about it. "Oh you have?" she says. Ummmm. yeah..... I attended her signing and have a signed copy at home. Ree posted a link to my blog on her blog. We're pretty tight now.


Ann said...

You have some serious gingerbread skills! That is one great house. And you are such a sweet cousin.

Can I come to your house and watch "Elf"? I love it!!

So funny about Ree.

Spotted-Bird said...

That is a great gingerbread house! I am really impressed. Can I come with Ann to your house?

Abby said...

I have so many comments. I can't believe that those are our law school babies!!

Love Elf.

I just know the pioneer woman is going to invite you to her house to cook and when she does, I will go along with you because you all are totally bffs.

courtney said...

Wow--impressive gingerbread house skills!

Little girls are so funny. Landry hasn't gotten to the point yet where she talks about boys, but I know it's not too far away. :(

Too funny about the PW book!

Traci said...

Um, I'm sending Kylie over next week for you to do one with her. Yours was awesome!

Those girls are adorable!

Doesn't it make you mad when your family doesn't read your blog? I get angry! It must just be me. lol


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