Friday, December 11, 2009

I hate change

I used to be a loyal viewer of NBC.  I watched Bryant and Katie and then Matt and Katie on the Today Show.  I watched Tom Brokaw on the Evening News.  And of course, I watched the wonderful Tim Russert on Meet the Press every Sunday morning.  I recall lots of fights that involved me watching Tim Russert and Mom yelling at me to get ready because I was going to be late for church... ah, days before DVR! 

Anyway, over the years Katie changed to Meridith, I developed an abnormal dislike for Ann Curry, Brian Williams didn't really do it for me at the evening news slot and tragically, Tim Russert passed away.  I slowly converted to a loyal ABC viewer.

I woke up with this crew from Good Morning America...

I watch Charlie Gibson every night at 5:30...

I tune into see George Stephanopoulos on Sunday mornings now...

But ABC has decided to turn the apple cart upside down and I am forced to accept this change.
Today is Diane Sawyer and Chris Cuomo's last day on GMA.  Oh how I will miss Diane and Chris!

This brings me to talk about more change.  Diane is leaving GMA because she is going to take over the evening news for Charlie, which of course means no more Charlie.  Diane is being replaced by George, which means no more George on Sunday morning.  Chris is going to be the 20/20 anchor on Friday nights and chief reporter, so its a great step up for him.  I also love to follow Chris on Twitter.  He is a great tweeter and sometimes posts photos of himself fishing...shirtless.  It is great to see the photos of him, ummm I mean the fish. 

So now, I'm forced to accept this change.
I HATE change!



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