Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No rest for the weary!

This week has been busy. I actually contemplated posting a gorgeous photo of David Beckham just to round out the British Boy's theme of the week, but I thought, No, You need to actually blog! If you post another random photo they will send the guy with the big butterfly net after you! So here I am, trying to prove I still have some form of sanity left!

The past couple of weeks, I've been busy with 3 main things:

(1) Finishing the school semester
(2) Christmas decorating, shopping & gift wrapping
(3) Campaigns

As for topic #1, tomorrow night is my last final. I have to get some papers graded and returned by then, but I totally am seeing a light at the end of this tunnel!

Topic #2: I have finished the angel tree shopping. I now have to buy one more gift for Mom (an internet purchase was kind of ugly when it came in, so that was returned and I need to get one more thing). Lola is my last gift hurdle! It should NOT be this difficult to buy your dog presents!

I got my office tree up and that means that I just have to finish my bedroom tree. I have it up and fluffed out, but it still needs to be decorated. However, today my mom called and said that my chair was finished (it has been recovered) and they are going to bring it to me on Saturday when they bring Milly (they are going to Mexico for a week). The chair goes where the tree is. Normally, I would move the chair, but it is newly recovered and one of the last pieces to my redecorating puzzle, so of course I cannot wait.

This brings me to the predicament... should I move the tree and try to get it decorated SOON (I don't love the "new" location though), or just say forget it and not do a bedroom tree this year. I LOVE my bedroom tree. Well, let me be clear. My tree is crap. It is old. This was to be it's last hurrah. Come hell or high water, I'm getting a new tree next year. I think I said that last year, but I mean it this time. I've decided that I'm getting a new 9 foot one for my living room and moving the LR one to the bedroom. But crappy tree aside, I love my bedroom tree decorations. They are white, silver or crystal and all sparkly and glittery. All that aside, I'm sad to report that I'm seriously contemplating option 2.

As far as topic #3 goes, I think I'm on the downhill slide of that. Here in Collin County we so rarely have a contested election. Usually someone gets in and stays in and that's that. Not this year. We have 4 out of the 6 County Courts at Law with contested elections, 1 District Court and the District Attorney. I'm actually working on 2 campaigns. I was designing the invitations for both campaign kick-off fundraisers on photoshop last week. One was easy and one was not. One candidate is laid back and one is not. One of those candidates had me working on that invitation until 1:40 in the morning last Thursday night/Friday morning. I got 4 hours of sleep. I don't work well on lack of sleep. Just ask my mom. This is why I had a bedtime of 8 p.m. until 7th grade.

Anyway, last night was one of the parties and tonight was the other. Now, I have to start working the phones and drumming up money for one of those candidates, but he's the laid back candidate, so I don't mind.

As far as other "exciting" things going on here in my world, well today was the day of random chores. I changed out the light bulbs in my garage door opener. They've been out for the better part of 4 months now and it was time. Word to the wise, don't put the new spirally enviro-friendly ones in. They take too long to really come on and produce lots of light. Soooo, I will probably be changing the bulbs again tomorrow. The other random project I did was fix a brake light that went out on Monday night. I had to get this done. I'm going out to a couple of dinners and parties in the next few weeks and this time a year you don't want to provide the cops with ANY form of probable cause to pull you over! That is the defense lawyer in me talking. But it's true!

Finally, my blog header is so true... Baby, It's Cold Outside, and I'm loving every minute of it!

Oh, why the heck not!


Scrappy Girl said...

Tis the season!

Abby said...

The one question I have for you, is: Have you added his picture to your phone because I know you totally want to!!

Spotted-Bird said...

He is so cute! I vote for the bedroom tree. You have plenty of time to enjoy the chair in the correct location. Enjoy the tree while you can. Besides it is sparkle and who can pass up sparkle?


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