Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sigh of Relief

It may be too early for this post, but I truly hope not. I am just about ready to breath a sigh of relief over no major illnesses this holiday season. I know the holidays aren't quite over yet, so I'm knocking on wood as I type this post.

4 years ago on December 27th my Dad had his oil field accident. I wasn't blogging then, so you might now know about it, but he fell off a pumping unit that he had climbed for some maintenance. He laid out there alone for a while and finally was able to flag down a truck passing by waving his leg around. Luckily he managed not to get any head injuries (we discovered after the CT scan), but he did shatter both arms (elbows down on each) and totally blew out both shoulders. After all his surgeries, and 9 months of rehab, his arm x-rays look like the hardware aisle at Home Depot, but he recovered far better than any of his docs had ever thought possible.

Last year of course, poor Lola was the one in the hospital. After those two incidents in 3 years, I was threatening to cancel Christmas for our family since really bad things seem to happen around that holiday for us. Luckily, this year seems to have gone off without a hitch and I'm maybe ready to enter the holidays without reservation next year!

Happy New Year's Eve Squared!



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