Friday, July 31, 2009

Lola's Antics

What the heck?!
Let me follow this path of destruction and find out where it leads...
Straight to the culprit! Gotcha!
That's okay. If she is digging in the recycle bin in my office and shredding what she finds, then she is not (1) licking her paw or (2) vomiting, and that my friends is a very good thing.
I've only had to call the vet once this week (okay, so I've called twice, but the doc was on vacation until Thursday, so I've only actually spoken to him once). We've added a new medicine for a couple of days to stop the vomiting and have rearranged the way she takes a couple of the others. Hopefully, all vomiting and licking will stop soon!

Someone is a shaggy dog and needs a trip to the groomer...
and, it is is not me! I've already been this week.

If Lo can get well, then she will get her turn. Could this beard be any more messy?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Foodie Heaven

I know I've complained that I was crazy busy, so this post is going to seem a little inconsistent with that, but today at 12:45 I went to

I wanted to go because this...
was on sale for $6.99 a pound. NY Strip Steaks Prime. I bought three. One for this weekend and two to freeze. I apologize if the blood makes you queasy.

While there I also bought these because they were on sale for 99 cents a pound Want a closer look?
There was a limit of 2 bags per customer. I only wanted one bag, but the little stock guy thrust two bags at me and I felt pressured, so....
I've got 5+ pounds of cherries!

This was also on sale...
I had to get asparagus because that will go wonderfully with my steak!

Then I saw these babies...
Home grown tomatoes. I couldn't resist.

Since I was at Central Market, I bought my favorite strawberry preserves.
While I was there I also looked for this...
to go in this salad recipe (recipe). I also looked for Onion Juice, but they were out. My friend Suz found some at Kroger, so I will try there.

It was really my day! My favorite yogurt was on sale also...
Can you tell yet that I went to the store before I had lunch? So BAD, especially when you are going to Central Market! I had a turkey and Havarti sandwich made that I ate on the way home. I also bought some of this goodness for supper....
Tomato, Mozzarella and Penne Salad (yes, it was on sale)
Apricot and Almond Chicken Salad (sadly not on sale, but so worth it)
And though I wish I had willpower, I do not.
So I couldn't pass up this gorgeous cupcake!

As if all of this wasn't enough, when I was checking out my checker lady said, "Honey, Did you get one of Truluck's Scallops?" I say "What are you talking about?" She explains that back in the demo area, they had just started a demo from the Restaurant Truluck's. She said "Go get you one, I'll check real slow!". I ran back there and got a little bit of heaven on a plate! I love scallops and it was BEYOND.

Then checker lady said, "Go through those doors and get your restaurant week coupons." I hadn't realized that restaurant week was coming up. I called a friend and found out he was game, so I have made us reservations for Del Frisco's during restaurant week and my coupons will allow us to get Fourth Courses added onto the restaurant week deal. It is super lucky because Restaurant Week is my one down week between Summer and Fall semesters! I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too Busy!

Ugh! Don't you just hate it when you are so busy you meet yourself coming and going? Well, I feel like that is me right now.

First, this 4 nights a week of teaching classes is killing me! I finish work and then go to a different work almost every day of the week. I'm not getting home until 9:15 on two nights and 10ish on the other two nights.

Then for the rest of this week I'm playing the role of Jennifer at the office too. Poor Jennifer had to make an unplanned flight to Amarillo this week because her Granny is very ill.

I am so darn busy that I almost don't have time blog (but never fear, I did make time today for my hair appointment...those roots needed covering come hell or high water!). Luckily, I'm giving a test tonight in my class and have a chance to do some covert blogging during class! Now, if only I could figure out how to teleport myself home during this test so that I could clean and do laundry...

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Musical (*updated*)

Apparently you should not blog in a hurry! I was in a hurry to post this earlier because I had to go meet with a White Collar/Organized Crime District Attorney about a case. It seems that in my hurry, I have left out details that my blog readers wanted to know! I've updated throughout the post (in italics).
Last night, Lisa and I began our evening out at R+D Kitchen. It was pretty good (not as good as the other times I visited), but the big noteworthy thing about dinner was that Lisa commented that the side dish that I ordered was much better than the one she ordered. If you are new to the blog or don't remember my prior stories about my friend Lisa, she never shares bites of her food at restaurants because she says she knows she has ordered the best thing on the menu and doesn't want to share it with others (or eat our sub-par food choices). You can see how this admission from my friend almost caused me to faint and miss the next event of the evening!

Please note Lisa's side dish with nary a nibble missing from it and my side dish that we have cleaned completely! Lisa's was Hot Potato Salad and my side dish was french fries (real exotic right!). They're like shoe string fries which I love and they are flavored really good.
This is where we were off to next:

These funny girls were sitting two rows behind us. They were all dressed up like the main character, Elle Woods. They were too funny, so I had to take a photo of them. About two seconds later, I was told that if I didn't put my camera up, it would be taken away and stored. I pointed out that it was 35 minutes before the show started and I wasn't even facing the stage, but that didn't matter. I stopped short of pointing out that at least 95% of the people there probably had camera phones.
These girls let out the most blood curdling scream just seconds before the show began. It almost caused my 32 year old heart to give out, so I have pity on the older folks in the theatre! These screams continued at various points throughout the show. I was glad we were near them because I think they had the most fun of anyone there!

I really enjoyed the musical. It was fun. I LOVED the darn dogs. They had a real "Bruiser Woods" and a real "Rufus" (Paulette's bulldog). Those pups are even listed in the playbill cast of characters. "Bruiser" is played by a Chihuahua named Frankie, and "Rufus" is played by a bulldog named Nellie. The funniest part is that they have understudies! My favorite part was in the courtroom when Elle has discovered that the pool boy is really gay. That scenario produces a song they call "There! Right There!" which is really just "Is He Gay or European?". Hilarious!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Balloon, Bloggers & Birthday...oh my!


First of all I want to say Thank You to everyone who stopped by my Christmas in July Blog Party yesterday. There was so much traffic and there were soooo many comments! I LOVE IT! Hopefully some of you who visited for the first time will keep coming back to visit!

Thanks to Maggi for hosting CIJ! It was super fun!

Now, for the winner of the Santa Bubble Light.... drumroll please......

Molly from "A Bit o' Shine"
To collect your prize, email your name and address to:


Happy 81st Birthday Papa!

I'm in the string of summer where I have three grandparents birthdays within a month. Today is my paternal grandfather's birthday. Papa had so many granddaughters that when we were little he joked that he would have to buy a tuxedo someday because there would be so many weddings. He has always called all of us granddaughters his "sweet-patooties", and he has called me his "mouthpiece" ever since I graduated from law school. Happy Birthday Papa, we love you!


Lola is still sleeping with me because she is still wearing her pink lampshade collar. The licking is somewhat better and she was able to not wear it for a couple of hours yesterday, but then it starts back. Aaaaggghhhhrrrr! Anyway, she woke up before 7 yesterday morning. I was going to stumble to the backyard to let her out. Luckily, divine intervention made me grab my robe instead of stumbling into my privacy-fenced back yard in a t-shirt and underwear, because this is what was hovering just above my yard.

It was even closer than this (since this is the photo after I darted back inside to locate the camera). Just for the record, Lola is very confused by these balloons. She is quite a watch-dog, but she just doesn't know about these things. We've had a few come over that looked like they were going to sit down in the yard. Lo thinks they are some sort of alien invasion from the sky or something. Once they turned their burners on to get some height, she made a B-line for the house.

That's the thing about this town where I live...they have hot air balloons around all the time. In the morning and the night, you can see them dotting the sky.
I have a long awaited activity tonight, so be sure to check back in tomorrow for the wrap-up!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Join my Party

Welcome to my Christmas Shin-Dig!
I've never thrown a blog party before so I'm kind of nervous, but that can just be our little secret. I have lots of things I want to include in my party, so I've decided the best way to tackle this is to do several posts, so keep scrolling down so that you don't miss a single thing that goes on at this party!
I always try to have party favors when I throw a party, and this one shouldn't be an exception, so I am giving away a prize.
Here are some photos of the prize

All you have to do to enter is comment on one of my Christmas Party Blog entries. I will put all the names in a hat and draw a winner. I will post the winner's name on my blog on Sunday, so check back to see if this cute little Santa bubble light is coming to your house! All entry comments must be posted by 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.
If this is your first trip to my blog, Welcome! Please come back and see me again!

Christmases Past

Let me start by saying, I really have a love affair with Christmas. I would leave Christmas decorations out year round if I knew people wouldn't mock me. You would be hard pressed to find ANYTHING about Christmas that I don't love... well, okay, except for Feliz Navidad. I hate that darn song!

My love affair started early, at my two month mark...
But on my second Christmas, things seem to be off to a pretty rocky start!
Someone must have explained who this guy was and what he does on Christmas Eve, because the situation seems to have improved dramatically. I've always been a rational person.
Christmas at my grandma's and a new pony.
The next year...

This guy was a family friend who I knew well. I never figured it out.
I'm not sure what has prompted this reaction, but I'm pretty darn excited!
This is Santa visiting me on Christmas Eve at the St. Bernard in Taos, NM
He was my ski instructor. I don't know why I didn't realize it. (You're starting to think I'm a little "slow" aren't you?)
Back in the room, Santa had filled my enormous stocking and brought a couple of my gifts.

Christmas Decorations

Decorating is one of my favorite parts about Christmas! I know, I know, I say that about every part, but it is true!

This is one of my first trees that I had in college. It is so puny and sparsely decorated. I don't know why I took a photo, but it made me laugh when I found it, so I thought I would include it. What's with the Teddy Bears huddled around the bottom of the tree? I do remember that year that I copied my wrapping from the Pottery Barn catalog. Everything was in silver paper with blue and purple ribbons.
This is my tree now. Well, one of them. This is the one in my living room. It is decorated exclusively in blown glass ornaments.
Here is the kitchen tree...
All of it's ornaments either have a kitcheny/foody feel or are ornaments that I have picked up on travels.
My mantle...
These topiaries just sit out at Christmas. I found them at Canton a few years back and they are frosted berries.
My White Christmas Bedroom Tree...
Garland over the entrance to the dining room...
The dining room...
I'm just going to lump gift wrap in with decorating, but I love to pick out gift wrap for Christmas presents. I WILL NOT let myself buy it on sale after Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a sale, but I will totally change my mind before next year (same thing goes for Christmas cards). Recently I have purchased my paper at Hobby Lobby. They have great quality papers and a good price. I don't waste the unused paper, but instead, I use it to wrap my parents and the pup's stocking stuffers. I usually try to give each person an assigned paper for their stocking stuffers, that way on Christmas Eve when it is late and I'm bleary eyed, I can easily sort out whose is whose. I always wrap every single giftbags! I will go to The Container Store and buy odd shaped boxes so that I can wrap each and every gift.

Traveling at Christmas

Many of my fondest Christmas Memories don't involve being at home. We began traveling to Taos, New Mexico when I was pretty small. We went for a week (Friday to Friday) and were always there over Christmas. Each year, we stayed at a wonderful place called the St. Bernard. Santa would visit me in Taos. He would fill my stocking and would bring one or two gifts, but he left most the loot back home and I had to wait to get it. I LOVED to ski, so that was okay by me.

If you look just below the ginormous goggles and just above the neck warmer, you can see I have a huge smile on my face!

Here I am, a little snow bunny.

We broke off the ski tradition at some point, and then when I was in junior high, we picked back up and went skiing with two other families. We usually left late on Christmas night or early, early on the 26th to head for Taos.

Once in Junior High, we went to the Bahamas for Christmas (but I couldn't find photographic proof!)

The next photos are from a trip to NYC in 1995...

Please disregard my horrible hair. I was in college, rebelling against my curls, and though I'm right handed, I did not have the use of my right hand on this trip (please note purple cast peeking out from the sleeve of my coat). Thank you.

It is hard to find ANYTHING better than NYC at Christmas

The Rocketts at Radio City, the Tree, Little Italy, the window displays...

It is a magical time to be in the city.

My paternal grandparents got married on Christmas Day, so to celebrate their 50th in 1997, 20 or so of us went to Cozumel.

On Christmas Day, my Mom and I flew in an itty bitty scary plane over to the mainland to visit Chichin Itza Mayan Ruins.

This is some of what we saw...

and climbed (none of those butts are mine by the way)...

and had to climb down (my Mom said she wasn't going to climb down and I remember telling her I didn't think they would let her "move in" up there in the temple)

Traveling has been such a part of so many Christmases, that it almost feels strange to stay at home and celebrate.


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