Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Remember back in April...

Remember back in April when I got on a black spray painting kick and painted everything that couldn't run from me?  Remember when I posted these photos of the pots with the newly planted impatients?

Well, I just want to report on the miracle status of the impatients...

These things have grown like crazy! 

In the effort of full disclosure, I just pulled up the ones in the ground because they weren't looking so great and I was sick of them.

On another note, will someone please tell the mosquitos that it is October (almost) and time for them to die or go whereever it is that they go in the winter.  I'm tired of being bitten and as for that little ba$&#rd mosquito that has been living in my house for a week and living off of me (literally), please be the first to die!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"It's How Much?" and other stories from a random Tuesday...

After court this morning, I went to Canton to retrieve this dresser that I purchased last month...

it is now safely in my garage and I'm happy to report that I didn't get ripped off!  Now I really hope that I can sell my other furniture on Craigslist soon.  I know I previously bought tables to use as nightstands on clearance at Pier One for 90% off, BUT I got the stupid Tuesday Morning brochure yesterday and they have bedside tables TO DIE FOR!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that yet...

In other news, I FINALLY got a call from the vet here in McKinney that Lola's medicine was in.  Just to back up a little, Lola needs to take this...

She has been on a 30 day course of Atopica before.  Our most fabulous vet in Wichita Falls came up with the idea of trying this since she cannot take steroids anymore due to her crappy pancreas.  Anyway, the stuff works pretty good, but it costs $60 for a 15 day supply.  Last week we went to the vet here because Fabulous WF vet was on vacation.  Vet here says he has to order it, but it will be in on Monday.  He mentions it's expensive, I say, "Yeah I know".  It doesn't come in yesterday, but finally does today.  I got to pick up my two boxes and they try to charge me $87 for each stinking box!  I say, "No way, I'm not paying that, I have purchased it twice before for $60 a box".    They don't budge or offer to sell it to me cheaper, so I say "Sorry, but I'm getting it from my other vet.  I hope you can return it." and walk out.

Luckily for us, my parents were headed to WF this afternoon, so they are picking it up for me there and will mail it. 

Finally in other news, I was talking to Abby this afternoon and part of our conversation was about Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.  This is Ree...

  If you don't know about her website you should give her a visit.  She is great for funny stories, great recipes, photography information, home and garden, etc.  She has a cookbook coming out in October and will be in Dallas for a signing in December and we are having a blog friends party and planning to go see her.

Anyway, after I got off the phone with Abby, I googled Ree because Abby was telling me about an LA Times article on her.  Then I found an article that tells us the name of Marlboro Man (her husband) and her punks (kids)!  If you want to know, click here.  I found it to be a very exciting part of my day to make this discovery because I wonder about it nearly every day when I read her site!  Also, this means that I am super lame-o and have a very boring life!  Oh well...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thou Shall Not Tweet

Yes, look closely there... the 11th commandment, "Thou Shall Not Tweet"!

Just kidding, it's not really a commandment from God, but from the "God of Texas Tech Football"...

Mike Leach

You see, some of our players were on

and apparently some of them posted Tweets after the 1 point loss on Saturday night that Leach didn't care for, so he has outlawed the players from Tweeting on Twitter.

Tonight on WFAA, their infamous sports reporter Dale Hansen reported on this anti-twitter policy and said "maybe if Leach instituted a policy where Tech would kick field goals on 4th down when they are only up by 5 with 4 minutes to go in the 4th, they wouldn't lose by 1 point."  Preach it Dale!

I'm usually a Leach fan and normally love his gambles even if it means we turn it over after going for it on 4th down, BUT, I was very unhappy on Saturday night with the failure to kick the field goal!

I've Got Nothin'

I feel that I should blog about something, but really, I've got nothin'!  I had a very uneventful weekend cleaning out the backlog in my DVR from premier week.  I also had Milly until last night, and of course Lola who was sick.  Lola was a mommy's girl the whole weekend which means she was attached to me and wanted me to rub her head or back the entire time. 

Tomorrow is suppose to finally be THE DAY that I go back to Canton to pick up my dresser that I bought last month.  It has literally rained every single day that I was available to go and get it since I bought it.  I've been so worried about getting ripped off (since I had to pay for the dresser already), that it will be good to have it here in my garage.  I need to re-list my bedroom set on Craigslist for what I believe to be a more realistic price instead of one similar to what other sets are listed for.  I think I have finally selected the headboard that I want to order and a fabric. 

This is the headboard I have selected at Ballard Designs.  I initially wanted a smooth one (not tufted), but then I started thinking that since it is fabric and all, maybe tufted would be better so that if there ended up being a dirty spot at some point, then it probably wouldn't show as much.  I also planned on getting white, BUT perhaps common sense has won out and I thought better of white.  I ordered some fabric swatches and this one is called Latte Velvet and I think it is the winner.

In other news, while Traci and Courtney are blogging about dieting and working out, my Mom brought me some of my favorite candy from New Orleans!  This is from Evan's Candy, located right on Decatur Street between Cafe Du Monde and the French Market.  It is called Creole Hash and is made of homemade marshmallows, milk chocolate and pecans.  YUMMY! (sorry for the crappy iphone photo, I was being lazy).

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's SATC Saturday Again

First, I will start you off with a little movie...
Sex and the City- All the Best Moments from the Movie.

WARNING: If you haven't seen the movie, don't watch this.  Oh, and also please rectify this ASAP.  Ann-  they have the movie at your local TJ Maxx for $5.99.  I meant to buy it for you when I was there and bring it to you at Robin's party, but I got distracted by lamps and forgot (sorry!). 

This week has been pretty lame-o on the updates front. All I have found is that there are reports of some drama on the set between Kim Cattrall and SJP.  Of course there have been reports in the past that these two gals didn't get along (personally I think it is just because KC is a little too big for her britches and doesn't seem to always remember that SJP is an executive producer and Carrie is, well the star). 

There are also reports that SJP is possibly a little overwhelmed with having the two new twin girls and little James Wilkie to take care of.  It is reported that the crew has taken to called her "Carrie Sadshaw" because she seems so glum.  Apparently all of this together has made Kristen Davis and Cynthia Nixon hate coming to the set.  I hope all of this is just a vicious rumor that happens anytime you get a group of women working together, but who knows. 

Now since there are no new shots from filiming, I giving you some promo shots...

Thanks for joining me on today's installment of SATC Saturday.  Please overlook any incorrectly spelled words as Blogger in all its wisdom has updated and made loading photos much easier but has taken spell check away.  They apparently have not heard the story about me cheating on a spelling test in the first grade and as a result being smited by fate to be a horrible speller for the rest of my life. 

Thanx alot stooped bloger, now peeple are going to think I'm domb!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tales and Tails

Here is my shopping tale: I went to Half Price Books today to get a copy of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" so that I could read it again before going to Savannah next month. I have read it before, but it was like way back in 1997 or 1998. I've slept since then, so I need to re-read it.

Anyway, when I was walked into Half Price Books, they were having a clearance throughout the store. This sent me into a hysterical fit of laughter...

Don't see what struck my funny bone...

How about now?

Is Texas Hold 'Em a religion now?

See this cute little nubby tail?

It is costing me a lot per inch this week! So far we are up to like $165 and next week when some meds come in, we will probably tack on another $60 or so dollars to the deal.

Poor Lola's tail has been itching like crazy and she has been attempting to bite it like crazy. I'm sure she would love to have had a longer tail this week, as it would have been much easier for her to scratch that itch.

Since our favorite vet was out of town this week, I took her to the vet here in McKinney. I just demanded the same meds that our favorite vet gives us. There has been a little drama associated with getting the meds (which include me hating Walgreens), but I think little Lola is on the mend.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

TV Reviews so far... (Updated)

If you have been keeping up with all the shows that I have been recording on my DVR this week, then you know that there is NO WAY I have been able to watch all of them...yet. This weekend I have big plans to catch up, but for now, I've only watched a few...

I wanted to comment on a new show so that none of you let it slip by without knowing about it. If you are too busy to add another show, then that is another issue, but I did want you to know what you are missing.

"The Good Wife" premiered on CBS at 9:00 (CST) on Tuesday night. It is about a wife (Julianna Marguiles) who was married to a politician (Chris Noth) who was caught in a sex scandal and sent to jail. As a result, she had to go back into the workforce as a junior associate at a big law firm. It was REALLY good folks! Especially considering it was the pilot. CBS is going to rerun this on Saturday night at 8:00 (CST) so if you want to give it a chance, you've got another shot.

UPDATE: I cannot believe that I forgot to mention "Modern Family". I laughed and laughed and laughed. I had been worried that they played all the funny parts in the previews, but it was ALL funny. Love it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Schnauzers and New Shoes

This little mongrel has come to visit until Sunday evening...
so it's Schnauzerville around here.

Right now both Milly and Lola are outside because they are both driving me nuts...

Lola is having an allergy attack on her tail and of course Joe, our vet is out of town this week!

Milly is having one of her brain short circuits where she doesn't think she likes Lola or me, so she hides out in the back room! Nut!

Aside from the excitement of one too many schnauzers at my house (I kid, I kid. We love Milly until bedtime), I got a new pair of shoes!

I actually ordered them on Friday because I couldn't find them in my giant size anywhere, and the UPS delivery guy dropped them on my doorstep today.
I think they are just so cute! The best part was this...
See the $79.99 price tag? Well I had located them at DSW for $55, but couldn't find them in my size as I mentioned. DSW also didn't have my size online. I popped by a store in Allen at the outlets and they had them but not in my size. The ordered them and shipped them for free. You know how much I paid for them? $23 + tax! They had them in brown patent (it looked a little bronze) and I'm thinking now I should have ordered those too for that price.

Sorry about the craptastic photos, I used the fairy god mother (iphone) because I was too lazy to plug in the camera and download...

Oh lord, got to go! A firetruck just drove by with sirens a blazin' and little chicken Milly is scratching on the door to get inside!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The most exciting thing I've done today, is get a flu shot. I've NEVER had a flu shot before. I have also never had the flu either. My theory was always that as soon as I got the shot, that would be the year I get the flu. However, between the dregs that I deal with every day and my students (who always seem to be sick), I thought I had better get one this year. So I headed up to Walgreens and got a shot today. I also plan to get the swine shot next month when it becomes available.

On another exciting note, Fall is actually here AND it actually feels like Fall!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend wrap up

Last night was a big game, Tech vs. Number 2 Texas.... at Texas...

I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I mean here we are just two games into the season and we have such a huge game before us. We have a new quarterback who is just settling in. We had to travel to Austin where 100,000+ fans would be rooting for us to lose. The Longhorns have been wanting revenge since last year when we beat them in Lubbock when they were Number 1 in the country. As I said, I didn't know what to expect, but I knew that all of this could be a recipe for disaster!

I'm very happy to report that it wasn't a disaster! We lost, yes, but only by 10 points. We kept trailing by 7 points the whole game, but then they scored another 3 right at the end. Also, that 7 points we were trailing wasn't "really a touchdown" but a punt ran back for 7. Yes, it is a touchdown on the scoreboard, but you know what I mean, it was kind of a fluke deal. Anyway, I'm very proud of my team because if they can go into hostile territory and play that well against the Number 2 team in the country, then I think we have a great season ahead (I hope).

Oh! I almost forgot... I got this really cute yard flag at Sample House this week and it was 20% off!

Other than watching the game, I have been trying to get this mess of a house back in order this weekend. It was again looking like it had been vandalized! At this point it is pretty straight, now I just need to do some cleaning today. More specifically, Lola has decided to take advantage of allergy season and steal kleenex from the trash cans and then shred them all over the house. It looks like a snow storm has descended on my house, so much vacuuming is needed! I did complete 7 loads of laundry yesterday, so I'm glad that chore is behind me.

This week is T.V. Premier week. Some have already premiered. Two weeks ago we got new "90210" and the new series "Melrose Place". Then last week we finally got a new "Gossip Girl" and "The Office"!!! Aaahhhh...oh how I love Gossip Girl! Tonight are the prime time Emmy's and then this week is the biggie premier week, so under my List of the week, I'm going to highlight the premiers I'm excited about. The plan is to change it every day, so don't forget to check it out starting tomorrow.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

SATC Saturday: An 80's Flashback

For this week's installment of SATC Saturday, think Madonna, Preppy, Shoulder Pads and Walkmans. Yes, the girls are flashing back to the 80's!

Carrie is rocking Madonna's "Like a Virgin" look
and of course Charlotte is preppy, preppy, preppy...
Miranda with her power suit including the all important 80's shoulder pads
and a Sally Jesse Raphael haircut
Samantha, well, was apparently Samantha all the way back in the 80's
complete with her walkman
Word is mixed as to whether Jason Lewis will be making an appearance as Smith. I've heard that Sam will have a new guy in her life. Rumor is that the new guy will be played by former Mr. Croatia, Flip Kleva. Below are the only pics I could find of him on the internet. I say bring back Smith!!!
Then I just now found this photo. At the time this post was published I hadn't been able to locate a "clean copy". This is from Perez Hilton so it has his doodles drawn on it, but I concur...WHAT?!?!?
Bette Midler was on set one day last week and
it is rumored that she may be playing the role of... wait for it...

Carrie's Mom!
Finally, just the obligatory Mr. Big photo...
I heard that Chris Noth had gained some weight to play a role on Broadway and was concerned that he might be too big to play the role of Big. Do I have to call him John now that we know his name? It just doesn't seem right!

That's the update for this week...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Finds

So I'm in love with this new cute line of stuff I've found... Curly Girl Designs. Yes, that would be a cute name for stuff that I create and sell, if only I was creative enough to do such a thing.

I've seen this line at my local Hallmark store and Sample House. This line of stuff include mugs, journals, metal water bottles, plaques, napkins and magnets. I've invested in the magnets because the only other thing that I want is the water bottle, but I haven't found that with the saying that I like.

I started out with this set (they come in sets of two)...

I've noticed that it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Then today, I saw a couple of others I loved and since I have enjoyed the first set for a couple of months now, I splurged...

Sadly I discovered this at lunch on Thursday...

It is a new cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Those are layers of cheesecake and red velvet cake. As if that wasn't enough, it is topped with cream cheese icing and the edges are covered in white chocolate. On my gosh y'all, it is sinfully delicious!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cookbook Updates

Okay, so more updates on the cookbook signings...

Bobby Deen posted this photo on Twitter this morning saying "A photo of me and my girl at an Angels game". So, Abby, I believe I have more problems than my bad feng shui.

As far as the upcoming Pioneer Woman signing... it seems like all my friends want to come in for it. It is December 1st, which is unfortunately a Tuesday. I hope everyone can come and we can have a big blog party! It will be so fun and such a circle of blog life friends who became real life friends, who all read Pioneer Woman's blog, going to meet Pioneer Woman in real life.

P.S. I'm all about getting these books on the cheap and bringing them to Border's for the signings. I bought the Deen cookbook at Sam's for $15 instead of paying the $25 Border's price. I have just pre-ordered Pioneer Woman from Amazon for $14 and change, plus there is no tax and if you spend $25 you get their free shipping.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not your average Wednesday night Y'all!!!!

This cookbook has taken center stage at my house right now, which means it gets the coveted place in the cookbook holder on top of the sideboard in the breakfast area. Okay, so it isn't coveted by anyone really, but it is on display for all to see...
Why is this on display and what in the heck does this have to with my blog title of "Not your average Wednesday night Y'all!!!!"? Well, if you have been reading my Tweets you know, but if you haven't, then it is because SOMEBODY GOT TO MEET JAMIE AND BOBBY TONIGHT, SOMEBODY GOT TO MEET JAMIE AND BOBBY TONIGHT!!!! Yep! I'm that somebody!!!!

Suzanna and me in line...

(Sorry Suz, I know you hate this pic because you said it makes you look short, but I thought it was hilarious and had to post it!)
So while in line waiting (waiting for the signing to start because I was pretty close up the front), these older ladies behind us started talking to us. They decided that I needed to marry Bobby Deen. It was so funny listening to them and every reason that we needed to marry, right down to the fact that Bobby is sad Jamie got the dimples in the family. How does that fit into me marrying Bobby? Well, I have dimples and they were convinced that our children would too, so that could bring it around for Bobby. Hilarious!

Anyway, here is how the evening went:

I got a tweet from Bobby (not me personally, but I'm one of his followers) that they were in route. We started watching the door. Then they came through and everyone stood up from where we were sitting and the line became very giddy. Then they went to the back out of sight.

Then they came to the stage area. I was in the perfect line of sight for them. Jamie waved at me and smiled... yes it was at me, I was in his eye-line and we made eye contact.

Then I went to get some pics of the guys... the one below is the best I've got. Jamie saw me taking his pic and stopped and smiled but it startled me and I jerked so it is blurry. Darn it!

So it was our turn to go up. Suz wanted to go up with me because she didn't know what to say. As we walked up I handed my book to Bobby and he looked at the pre-printed card and said "Are you Kara?" then Jamie said "Hey dimples, how's it goin'?". That's right folks, I got a nickname from Jamie Deen. Top that on a Wednesday night!

Then I told Bobby that I was one of his friends on Twitter. He laughed and said "I thought it was you!". I told him he wasn't my friend yet and need to sign up. Then I told him my username so that he could. Suz thought that was hysterical.

Then I said, "Okay guys, I need your help. We are coming to Savannah next month for a girls trip and though we are visiting you at Lady and Sons, we need some other restaurant recommendations." I told them where I was thinking One they said was good. The other they said was "good, very high-end, very quite, great if you have a stick up your butt or into that kind of thing". Then they gave us the names of their favorite places. One is outside of town but "by where we live". Bobby said it's his favorite and he is there all the time when in town. PERFECTAMUNDO!!!!

Then we did this...

and this... and they said they were so happy we were coming to see them next month and they hoped to see us there... I'm sure we are the ones on the hoping end of that!!!

Here we are with our signed books...

Here is the inscription in my book...
Jamie drew the "Tweet" because we were talking Twitter.

All I can say is that these guys are so darn nice! If I liked them before tonight, then I love them after meeting them tonight!

P.S. Next book signing planned is for December 1st... Pioneer Woman!!!


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