Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cupcakes *Updated*

In my trusty thesaurus that I keep on my desk, when you look up "love", the synonyms that it gives you are: attachment, endearment, affection, adoration, liking, devotion, warmth, adore, tenderness, friendliness, worship, like, cherish, fondness. Yep. That about sums up my thoughts about cupcakes. I heart them. A lot.

My friends know that I love cupcakes and I get cupcake gifts on occasion. My friend Suzanna got me this t-shirt for my birthday that she picked up on vacation this past summer.

Lisa got me this for Christmas. I've been wanting one of these prints, but couldn't decide on a color. She made the choice for me and got it mounted on wood instead of a print, but I love it!

If it looks familiar, it is modeled after the British posters from WWII that read "Keep Calm and Carry On". It came from here, but they've been having some shipping troubles, so be forewarned. This was part of my Christmas gift that came in early this week even though ordered November 1st and they claimed it was "in stock".

But back to the cupcakes. I seek them out. I know about local cupcakes. I know about destination cupcakes. I ALWAYS find a cupcake establishment to try out on vacation (ok, not always. I've not combed the streets of Puerto Vallarta for cupcakes...yet). The best destination cupcakes are found in NYC at Magnolia Bakery. Hands down. They win. I enjoyed the cupcakes that I most recently located in Charleston at Sugar Bakeshop too.

My favorite local cupcakes used to be at Celebrity. Then I got a bad batch. That's the thing about cupcakes that makes them a fickle little thing to love. They can look beautiful and scrumptious on the outside and be dry and just plain yuck on the inside (I think there is probably a metaphor for life somewhere in there). My back-up local cupcakes of choice has been Sprinkles down in Dallas for "normal" cupcakes and La Duni for "fancy" cupcakes. Sprinkles is of course a famous cupcake place. My one complaint about Sprinkles is, well they use too many darn sprinkles! I like my cupcakes pretty much unadorned. Cake and icing. In my opinion that is all you really need.

I heard a few months ago about a new place that had opened up not too far from my house. I finally was able to venture over there today and try them out.

The place is called The Cupcakery

and they apparently come from Vegas, have this store in Frisco and another down in Uptown in Dallas

Here's a little closer look at my purchase

You see, I have a method of operation (or method to my madness depending on your take).
When trying out a new cupcake place, I always order three cupcakes.

A white cupcake with classic buttercream icing (bonus points for pink buttercream!)
This is called Tickle Me Pink

I try to also get a coconut and lemon if they have them. If not, then I sub in chocolate, but this place gets points because they had all of my three trial cupcakes.

Coconut Bliss: coconut cake with vanilla icing
(I haven't decided if they gain or lose points for the blue coconut)

Finally, the Lemon Cupcake

You think finding a good cupcake place would be easy. But it's tough work y'all! A new place opened last month and I went in for my test round and most of them ended up in the trash after a couple of bites. At the time I'm writing this, I haven't tried all of them. I've only tried the Tickled Pink and a finger of frosting from the lemon one. I'm still on the fence. Not a clear hit just yet, but it isn't a loser yet either.

I'm not the only one that loves cupcakes. Lola got a real cupcake on her first three birthday's and got puppy cupcakes from Sprinkles on several occasions. Now of course she is on her prescription dog food diet only. That didn't stop her from smelling the goodness in the kitchen today and trying really hard to get a cupcake. She stood on her little back legs and stretched and stretched trying to get them off the counter. Then when that didn't work, she sat in the kitchen and howled. And howled. This is pouty face, after she realised that none of her efforts were going to get her a taste. Poor baby!

If I've made you hungry for cupcakes and you are about to go to the kitchen and whip up a batch, here is a little cupcake baking tip for you: Spray the paper liners with cooking spray (like Pam). It makes the papers pull away from the cupcake very easily.

Update: I've tried all the cupcakes now. Sad to say the Lemon one went in the trash :( It had a real "mass market" taste to it. The coconut was good though. All in all, it wasn't a bad cupcake place. I'm just pretty sure that I don't think they are worth the $3 a pop!


Amanda said...

I am completely obsessed with cupcakes, too! I have the keep calm and have a cupcake print in brown and love it! I'm sad that I just finished off my birthday cupcakes yesterday! It would be wrong to make more, wouldn't it? :)

Those cupcakes sure are pretty with their pastel colors!

courtney said...

A couple of years ago, we went to Vegas with our good friends Angie and Ryan. Angie and I went out to The Cupcakery b/c the girl who owns it is one of Angie's friends and is from her hometown, Jacksboro.--The owner's name is Pam and she gave us 2 dozen cupcakes. My favorites were the Red Velvet and the Chocolate (choc cake AND frosting,yum!)--but I'm biased. I don't really do dessert unless it's either chocolate or has sort of cream cheese.

The ones you got sure are pretty, though!

Traci said...

I, too, love cupcakes. I wanted to own a bakery about 10 years ago and sell only cupcakes but my family frowned on that idea!

I was one of the crazies that stood in line at Sprinkles in Dallas when they first opened. LOVE the red velvet. Will you fed-ex me one? lol

Spotted-Bird said...

I had no idea you loved cupcakes so much. I love anything sweet. Those look so pretty.

Abby said...

I think we should look at this as a blessing and a curse. It is so sad they aren't wonderful. But it will save you a bundle, cause if they were fabulous and close to your house what would you do?

I love coming to visit you because it always means we will find fabulous deserts!!

I think Courtney must know everyone!! So connected to get two dozen cupcakes!! I'm jealous of that!!


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