Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm a type A personality. There. I admit it. I really shouldn't have to admit it. I'm a lawyer after all. Just to clarify, being a lawyer doesn't make one a Type A person, but it is being Type A that makes us seek out the law in the first place. I challenge you to find one lawyer out there who isn't really a Type A personality. There are varying degrees of Type A behaviors, but somewhere in every lawyer, you will find some Type A leanings.

For me, being a Type A personality means that I'm a little bit impatient (or a lot), I like a plan and to totally be in control. This really manifests itself into every aspect of my life. Like vacations... I always have a plan. I have restaurant reservations and know where every single meal will be eaten and what sights will be seen. Heck, even when I went to the all inclusive by myself last year, I had a plan. I knew which days I was going to be on the beach and which day I was going to town. I knew which restaurants I was going to eat at each and every meal. I like things this way. When I have a plan, I feel at peace.

Another example of this is when we went to see Ree, The Pioneer Woman, back on December 1st. Some of my friends (Abby & Suzanna- both lawyers) and I were going to meet up with my friend Courtney and her friends. I talk to Courtney at some point in the afternoon and she tells me that she and her girls are meeting across the street from the bookstore for dinner at around 5:30ish. She wants to know if we will join them. Literally, panic sets in. I want to meet them for dinner, but HOW? How on earth can I honestly sit and enjoy a meal when I know that a book signing is going to start across the street at 7 and lines may be forming. There wouldn't be any way on earth for me to control that situation if I'm sipping margaritas across the street!

I tell Courtney I'll let her know. I talk to Abby & Suz and they both have my exact same reaction. I hear "What if the line starts forming? We won't be there to get in it!"& "I just don't see how I could enjoy dinner knowing all that is going on across the street!", etc. As we sat in line that evening we laughed about our Type A personalities sitting in line while those other girls were enjoying their dinner across the street. As our tummies rumbled just thinking about the yummy food they were consuming, we wished that we were the type of people who could enjoy going with the flow, but resolved ourselves to the fact that we are what we are!

A recent example of my Type A controlling issues involves an internet purchase that I made on December 28th. After I made the purchase online, I called their customer support center. Why? Well, because I had to know where my item was coming from of course! How else could I calculate in my mind how long it was going to take before the much coveted item was in my hot little hands? I talk to a lady who tells me that my item is being shipped from a warehouse in Texas. Great, I should receive it really soon I think to myself.

Then on the 29th, I get a "your order has been shipped e-mail". Once everything has had time to get in the system (okay, I may or may not have checked about a hundred times before it was in UPS's system), I check my tracking number only to see that my package has been shipped from California. Cali-freakin-fornia! And with a holiday in the middle! Great, so it looks like I'm stuck with my January 6th delivery date. No early surprises on the doorstep for me!

Then I proceed to attempt to track this package within a inch of it's life, only the stars are not aligned for me on this one. UPS scans the package at 2:48 a.m. on the 30th (at location #2 in Cali-freakin-fornia by the way) and then it goes AWOL. Not another scan until 7:06 a.m. on the 5th! King Henry VIII had the wrack, thumbscrews, disembowelment. UPS tortures me with absent scanning on their tracking service!

Then to add insult to injury, I get an e-mail last night from the company where I ordered my much anticipated package from and the title of the e-mail is "How was your product delivery?". I couldn't believe it. I though Are You Freaking Serious? Why the Face?! (name that t.v. show). Seriously, it was just like a poke in the eye!

Finally today, as I pull up to my house after enjoying my 99 cent Which Wich (today special only!), I see this...

The UPS truck is down the block!
(tree trimming fever has struck the neighborhood, thus the pile of limbs)

Then I wait and watch out my window until I see this...

Oh Glorious UPS truck in front of my house!

I rush out to meet him with all the glee that a 5 year has running down to the tree on Christmas morning! Mr. UPS man takes his fine time to come out of that brown truck and then scans each package as slowly as humanly possible (yeah, NOW they're concerned about scanning!). Finally, I have three packages in my hands.

What was the anxiously anticipated package?


I went ahead and ordered this puppy because Best Buy had a no interest for 18 months offer, so Happy Belated Christmas to me! and Valentines Day. and Easter. and Memorial Day. and 4th of July. and birthday next October...

Trouble now is that I feel like I've got a rocket ship that I have no idea how to fly!

Good thing I ordered this (and thanks the hissy fit I threw on Monday night to Abhishek, the outsourced customer service rep for Amazon, I managed to get 2 day delivery on...another story for another day)!

I'm currently in waiting again...this time for the battery to charge! Hopefully I will post with photos from the rocket ship soon! Now if only that adorable strap that I ordered for my camera would come in....


Emilymud said...

I will have to say that it is not just a type A person that feels those pains! I to, not so much type A (lol), hate to miss a thing. I would rather wait in line that eat...I mean you must be there ready to go!

On another note, I love my camera...and maybe you can teach me somethings once you read that wonderful book. I have done the learn by using over here and had some success. I am sure a book would make me love it more though!

Spotted-Bird said...

Where is the strap from?

Abby said...

Modern Family...what has taken people so long!!

I agree that I do not know one lawyer who is not type A. I also believe that having so many friends that are Type A makes me very impatient with people who aren't type A. I have to rationalize in my head all the time. They didn't lay their baby on their back to sleep because they didn't read three hundred books on the cause of sids, and they don't know that laying your baby on their stomach to sleep is a death sentence. It's a curse, I tell you a curse.

(also the fact that you bought the book on the same day that you bought the camera, continues to highlight the type A personality. Mine would be highlighted by telling you that you can watch videos on Google about it!!)

can't wait to see you work your magic.

Fixing to order my cute strap! Thanks!!

courtney said...

YAY!!! you will love it! learn about aperture, ISO, and shutter speed--once you get all of that figured out, your camera will make sense!

btw, i'm type A, too. but, i knew at the very least we would be less than #300 in line since we had our handy dandy red bands (also thanks to you!). we should have snuck y'all in some chips and a margarita!!

courtney said...

btw, did you order one of those cutesy fabric camera strap covers?

i ordered one for my sister from etsy a few months ago--now i need one!

Ann said...

Now I'm the only one left with a crappy camera! Well, congrats to you. I'm totally jealous.

ro said...

Dear Kara,

This is exactly what I asked Santa for and he gave me a Cool Pix (sp) Don't even care if I spelled it wrong, it wasn't what I asked for!!!! I immediately returned it and said I would wait till I could afford to buy it for myself. I didn't want to be mean but every Christmas I go through the same thing. I tell people what I want for Christmas, only to be told I am the hardest person to buy for!!!! WTF!!! I have had a telescope on my list for 3 years. Sorry to be so grumpy but when I say your camera, it just made me a little crazy!!!! Love your camera. Happy New Year. Ro


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