Friday, January 8, 2010

What's his name

My cousin's wife had a baby yesterday. They have twin boys that just turned 2, and yesterday they had another boy. My Mom called to tell me that she heard the news from my grandmother. She proceeded to give me details of the drive to the hospital, birthing process and baby's weight. I said What did they name him? You would have thought that I asked what the square root of 739 was. There was silence. Then Mom said Oh, I don't know. It didn't occur to me to ask!

This for some reason just strikes me as hilarious. This has actually happened several times with my Mom (she'll kill me for posting this, but I just think it is too funny). Mom seems to never think to ask what the new baby in question's name is. It's usually all I want to know unless it weighs like 15 pounds or something odd like that.

So we don't know his name. I'm not really sure how this will differ from the current situation because the twins look just alike and I don't know one from the other. I'm thinking of doing "Hello my name is" tags on them on the next holiday. That way I will not have to say Is that Zack or Max?

So congratulations cousin on the birth of old what's his name!


Traci said...

Your mom sounds like my mom. ha!

That's the first and only thing you should remember about a newborn, right? :)


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