Friday, February 5, 2010

Favorite New Beauty Product

I received an order earlier this week that I had placed from Sephora online. I wasn't super excited to receive it because I didn't think I had ordered anything exciting. I had just ordered replacement stuff like eye makeup remover and a new brush for my clarisonic. I originally was placing the order because there was a special that I could receive a sample size of a new Laura Mercier shine free face setting powder if I did an online order. Once I got online, I noticed that if you spent $50 then you got free shipping (this is genious by the way and all online stores should do this because I will ALWAYS spend more than planned to get free shipping).

In an effort to spend $50, but not too much over that amount, I decided to take the plunge and buy some new nice tweezers. All of mine had become so dull that I had a total eyebrow situation going on! I had often seen Tweezerman tweezers rated high on all the beauty tools list, but they were a little expensive for tweezers and I always skipped it. I decided that really, when you add up all the cheaper tweezers I buy, I could have already bought a pair.

Let me tell you about Tweezerman... They are beyond fabulous! I literally heard angels sing when I started to use them just like when I used the PedEgg for the first time. I knew my life had changed for the better! Even more exciting, on their little plastic case it says that if you destroy a pair (how this would happen, I'm not sure, but I'm imagining Lola involved in my scenario) they will replace them for half the cost of a new pair, if they become dull, they will sharpen for free and if you need the tips replaced, they will do that for $5!

I of course bought this pink set of tweezerstweezer pink

They also have black, red and silver. If you want a print, Sephora has these cute little Safari ones
tweezer safari

They usually cost $5 more because of their print I guess, but they are on sale for the same price as the solid color ones.

Even if you don't think you need new tweezers, I bet that you don't realize how much you really NEED Tweezerman in your life. Tweezerman is a little piece of magic and you should get some immediately!

Updated: Turns out Kelly's Korner is doing show us your favorite beauty product today on Show Us Your Life Friday. I had no idea that was the today's topic, so if you want more beauty product finds, you can check out Kelly's blog.


Spotted-Bird said...

I love tweezerman for a different reason. I use the nail clippers and LOVE them. Best nail clippers in history. I may have to try the tweezers.

Juggling Thoughts said...

Oh man, I just posted a blog post on Kelly's Korner about those things...they rule! I bought a pair of pink polka dots :)

Found you on Nashville Nest, and I like your place! I hope you come visit One Fine Wire!

So nice to meet you :)

Debra said...

I agree, Tweezerman is the way to go. Any other tweezer and you are just wasting your money. I've been using the same tweezerman tweezer for over 10 years.


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