Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Here's a post devoted to Jeans/Genes.

First for the Jeans. I was asked about Jeans and good places to buy them. Let me begin by saying that I will spend money on shoes, purses and make-up. Jeans is just not an area where I like to spend loads of money. I have a real knack for falling and taking out the knee of jeans and well, if I spent a ton on a pair, I know it would be about 5 minutes before I bit it and took out that expensive fabric in the process.

I have friends that really like their expensive designer jeans. I like to find something cheap at Gap (Outlet preferably). I like the Gap Bootcut and I like their Curvy jeans. They come in three lengths of Ankle, Regular and Tall. Sadly I'm a little between Regular and Tall. I usually pay between $30-50 for a pair, but I picked up a pair on sale for like $16 a month ago. I know Gap Jeans don't fit everyone, so here are some others that I have put my friends into on shopping trips...

Ann Taylor-good fit and we have a local outlet so it is handy, but they tend to be too short for me

White House Black Market- my mom and a friend find these fit well. they can be kind of pricey, but it seems like you can catch them on sale

Lucky- these fall under the expensive category in my book ($125+), BUT Stein Mart carries several styles and washes for $49.99 (and last week they were an extra $10 off, but they always do coupons if you are in their free frequent buyer club)

Hope this helps!

Now for Genes... I'm still obsessed with the PBS series "Faces of America" and part 3 runs tonight. I did get a little irritated during part 2 because Professor Gates is tracking some lady's family who came over just two generations ago! Duh! I could do that! Why don't you take some family more tricky (like mine) that immigrated many, many generations ago? Yea, yea, I'm sure many will be tuned into American Idol, but try to catch this series sometime. If you love genealogy or history, it won't be a disappointment!


Debra said...

Thanks Kara for answering me. You've given me great places to start looking for jeans.


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