Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

Last night I went to bed after hearing the forecast that called for snow today. Snow that was suppose to begin around noon and then continue throughout the day. I woke up this morning, hit snooze as usual, and then turned on the tv. I could hear some commotion on the news, so I fought to open my eyes and put on my glasses and was immediately blinded by the brightness of my room.

The snooze button was no longer necessary and I ran through my normal morning rituals and made my way into the living room. At this point, I still hadn't looked outside. I turned off the alarm, let Lola out of her kennel and made my way to the back door to let out my pup. Yep, it was definitely snowing!

paw prints in snow
It was the type of snow that sticks to the trees and is really pretty.trees

winter tree

It kept coming down and coming down and was really a pretty sight.
Lola enjoyed watching it fall...
lola looking
I had to go to a hearing this afternoon, but Lola enjoyed running around the yard before I left.
lola running
The snow didn't slow her down too much.
lola running 2
I'm using the snow pics as an excuse to play with setting and turning photos to B&W
Lola snow

lola snow 2

I finally heard from the college this afternoon that they had cancelled my evening class. So I'm having a snow night.

Most schools in the area have cancelled for tomorrow and TXDOT is warning everyone to stay off of the roads in the morning. Of course, Collin County hasn't cancelled or even delayed courthouse operations in the morning. I have an 8:30 hearing that the other attorneys tried to reschedule, but ended up getting a big NO from the judge and a 25 minute lecture! What is with these people? I know why the courthouse won't close. It's because the County Judge is about to get his a$$ beat in the upcoming election and he is taking it out on everyone by refusing to give us a break! He can be sure of a defeat now...anyone who was still going to vote for him before isn't going to now.

They are saying that we have another inch or two that is going to fall tonight (on top of our 7 inches here in McKinney). Stay warm if you are in this winter wonderland!


The Ffrench's said...

I just can't believe all your crazy weather. We are getting snow tonight...ugh. I am so done with winter...bring on Spring

Spotted-Bird said...

I want some snow. Send it my way!


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