Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Super" Weekend

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours walking the campaign trail for a friend that is running for Judge. I'll post more on my campaigning efforts later, but let me just say that walking for 4 hours in your new black uggs = black feet at the end of the day. Oh well, my black tootsies stayed really warm!

As for today, I'm doing nothing Super Bowl related. I did however go to one of my favorite spots for brunch with four of my favorite people. Here are some pics of the two littles of the four that I brunched with...

ben 1_edited-1

Yeah, the photos didn't blend so well together and then my computer locked up before I could fix it and I just quit, but aren't little Bennett and Kate so darn cute! The bottom right is Ben's surprise when he discovered I had a new paparazzi camera and had been taking photos of him.

Last weekend I watched a list of critically acclaimed films and today I'm watching what I've dubbed the "crap pack" of films. They are films that I wanted to see even though I suspect them to be really crappy. I've watched one of the two so far. I watched "Post Grad" because I love Alexis Bledel (even though she is kind of always Rory from Gilmore Girls in my mind no matter what I see her in). It was better than I expected. Before I move on though, let me throw this question out to you... What in the heck happened to Michael Keaton? Yikes! OLD! And not a good old either.

I'm about to watch Wolverine now. Not because I give a hoot about the X-Men or anything similarly related, but because I think Hugh Jackman is dreamy and well, I've read that there is A LOT of Hugh in this one! I'm really deep that way. Hey-sometimes when it comes to picking movies, a girl's just got to leave the Oscar score card at the door!

I probably won't watch much of the Super Bowl, but I'm cheering on the Saints and making Crawfish Etouffee for dinner. It's a big time for my beloved New Orleans...Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and Mitch Landrieu as the new mayor!


Spotted-Bird said...

We watched The Hangover last night and it was much better then I expected. Pretty funny and not too stupid.

We are staying home and might watch the Super Bowl. Might not since it is starting now and I am watching last weeks Project Runway.

Neely said...

Hi, Im a new follower! Your blog is too cute :)

The Cooper Family said...

It was for us to have brunch with one of our favorite people! Love the pics! Now I am wanting a new camera!!!


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