Saturday, February 20, 2010

Travel Dreams

I think I'm in trouble here... You see, I constantly dream of traveling. When I was little, I was no different. When I was at my Mom's parent's house, I would sit and look at travel books my uncle had brought back from overseas trips. I also spent countless hours talking to my great-grandparents about their world travels. You name the place, my great-grandparents had been there. I loved talking with my Dad's Mom about her trips to Washington D.C., Gettysburg, Natchez, etc.

Today, the only thing tethering me here in McKinney is my job, lack of travel funds and my beloved Lola. All those things aside, my mind constantly wonders to all the places I want to visit. Here's the trouble. Two of the million magazines I subscribe to are travel magazines. Here are the current covers on both...


Well you can imagine what these would do to the girl who already has a travel daydreaming problem!

I've compiled a couple of lists. To make the list, I cannot have traveled there before.

Outside of North America
1. African Safari (most desired is Tanzania with a side trip to Zanzibar)
2. Italy (Florence, Sienna, Rome, Venice, Naples, Amalfi Coast)
3. St. Petersburg, Russia
4. Greece (Hit up Athens and then head to the Islands- most important Santorini)
5. India (see the Taj Mahal)
6. Prague
7. China (sights: Great Wall, Terra Cotta Army, Forbidden City, Panda Sanctuary)
8. A great island getaway: either Fiji, The Seychelles, or Tahiti
9. Egypt
10. Croatia and Montenegro

At this time, I want to note that I could have made a top 10 of Europe alone, but I had to edit my dreams for that top 10 list!

North America (these are really in no particular order)
1. Calgary& Banff
2. Seattle
3. Alaska
4. Hawaii (is this in North America?)
5. Grand Canyon
6. Key West
7. Boston (been there, but I don't think I was there long enough to count)
8. Nantucket
9. Vancouver
10. Maine (I've been to the Southern Tip, but again...doesn't count)

So now you've seen what I constantly day dream about, what are your dream travel locations?


Emilymud said...

Of course you know where I am going to tell you to travel to first...Dominican wedding. Why don't you start your dreams there? LOL!! Just a thought.

Spotted-Bird said...

Let me know when you are ready and I will be your travel partner.

Michelle said...

Oh I am so with you on this. I so want to travel more. I was lucky enough to travel to Europe and Asia before I was 30 but there are SOOO many other wonderful places. My girlfriend is the same way on the magazine thing. She wants to travel..but doesn't have the funds but she subscribes to both of these! Well, guess it's a form of traveling, right? :)



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