Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tidbits

1. I feel puny. My stomach isn't right (though I don't think I have that horrible virus) and I have the energy of, well, what has less energy than a sloth? Luckily today has allowed me to be lazy. Today has. Lola hasn't. If I owned a BB gun, there would be temptation to shoot a squirrel and some neighborhood kids today. They've kept her pretty stirred.

2. Girl Scout Cookies will be the death of me, or rather any less calorie eating plans. Luckily I didn't like an experimental box (the Thank You Berry Much cookies) and already gave it to my too skinny law partner.

3. I got a book in the mail from an Amazon used seller. It was described as "Very Good" but came in and looked like it had been run over by a car.

4. I have fun plans for this weekend and it cannot get here soon enough!

5. I'm obsessed with Curling. It is the only sport I've really watched much of on the Olympics. I thought maybe I could become a Curler, but then I heard that it takes like 15+ years of training to go to the Olympics, and my dreams were destroyed.

6. Neiman Marcus Beauty Week starts today if you are near a Neimans and need $100+ of makeup. I was in Dallas yesterday on business and stopped by because I needed some new foundation (For those of you "keeping score", I switched back to good old Giorgio Armani from Le Metier. I think I like it slightly better and GA's lightest color is slightly lighter than LM's lightest color, which I need). Anyway, my 10+ year makeup lady wasn't there, so the sales lady who rang me up wouldn't give me one of the beauty bag freebies even though they were sitting right there.

7. Snow was predicted for today. We weren't suppose to see much of it this far north, but so far, I haven't seen a flake.

8. I buy a Toyota because they are "great, dependable, etc." and then they go to crap. What's up with that? At least my 4Runner isn't on any of the recall lists!

9. Seriously, how many heart attacks can Dick Cheney have?

10. If you live in Texas, don't forget to vote. Early voting runs through Friday and then election day is Tuesday, March 2nd.


Abby said...

Noooo!! You can't have the stomach stuff!! Get better, I can't wait for this weekend. So much fun.

I also got an amazon book that looked terrible and was supposed to be good! The pages were all fine and it read well, so no problems, but disappointing none the less.

The Ffrench's said...

WHAT...you gonna call Lettie (spelling??) and get one of those bags ??? Hope you feel better soon.

Debra said...

This has nothing to do with your last post but...Have you done a post on fav jeans? I really need to buy some and haven't in a long time. I was hoping you might be able to give me some direction.

The Cooper Family said...

Have you tried abebooks.com for used books? I have ordered several from them and all have been in good condition. They tend to be a bit cheaper than Amazon, too.


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